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Indian Pond, Maine, USA

Also known as: Big Indian Lake

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Map: Indian Pond, Maine, USA

The leaves are turning color, setting the countryside on fire with patches of gold, amber, and red. It's not as cold as winter, but the air is alive with the promise of snow in the future. He should be sipping hot cider sitting in front of the fire in the cabin he's renting; instead, he's standing out in the cold in water up to his thighs. It's not everyone's idea of the perfect day, but it is his. He's flying fishing for trout on Big Indian Pond and for this one moment there is nothing but the water, the fish and the swish and pop of his fly rod.

The leader line arcs through the air setting the fly lightly on the surface of the lake. He waits for the strike then pulls back and casts again. Standing in the grasses at the mouth of the creek that connects Big Indian Pond to Little Indian Pond, a heron lifts its head, a fish held firmly in its beak. In the seconds before the heron takes flight they lock eyes - fisherman and bird - two very different creatures with a mutual goal. At least the bird was successful today, and even if he doesn't catch anything, there's still the cider and a few more days on Indian Pond.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife stocks Big Indian Pond, also known as Big Indian Lake, with brook and brown trout. The lake is also full of white and yellow perch, chain pickerel, crappie, sunfish, and burbot. Both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass were introduced to Big Indian Pond and have done very well. The smallmouth bass found their way to Little Indian Pond and anglers can find abundant populations there as well.

Big Indian Pond has 1,144 surface acres of water and a maximum depth of 28 feet. It is connected to Little Indian Pond through a small stream. At just 145 acres, Little Indian Pond is a shallow pond full of grasses and weeds. It has a maximum depth of 13 feet, an average depth of six feet, and three miles of shoreline. There is an access site for hand-carried boats and Little Indian Pond is a great place to explore by canoe or kayak. Access to Big Indian Lake is from a boat launch on the southeast shore. The Big Indian Fish and Game Association maintains the launch and a picnic area.

Together Big Indian Pond and Little Indian Pond are one of the water sources for the headwaters of the Sebasticook River. They are relatively secluded and surrounded by some of central Maine's prettiest farmland. Big Indian Pond is on the border of the Maine Highlands and the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys regions. It is in St. Albans Township, near Hartland in Somerset County. Somerset County is the third largest county in Maine. Along with the moose and other wildlife, visitors come to Somerset County to enjoy the fall foliage, rock climb, or fish in one of the area's many lakes, stream and rivers. About ten feet of snow falls every year, and winter sports are very popular including both downhill and cross-country skiing. There are some cabins around Big Indian Pond, but Somerset County has plenty of waterfront vacation rentals as well as real estate for sale for those wishing to extend their stay in this beautiful region of Maine.

Winter, spring, summer or fall, the peace and tranquility of Big Indian Pond are sure to fill anyone who visits its tree lined shore. With nothing but the call of the loons to break the quiet, it is the ideal place relax and soak up the beautiful Maine countryside.

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Indian Pond


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