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Ireland Lakes: Clouds and Blue Sky at Lakes of Killarney

Lakes of Killarney

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Lakes in Ireland

Lake Name Lake Summary
Lakes of Killarney Lakes of Killarney Pictures Also known as: Killarney Lakes, Lough Leane, Lower Lake, Muckross Lake, Middle Lake, Upper Lake
For more than 250 years, the beauty of Killarney Lakes has attracted royalty, world leaders, literary figures and now more than one and a half million ...
Lough Corrib Lough Corrib Pictures Lough Corrib is the largest lake in the Republic of Ireland, covering about 44,000 acres. Situated between Galway City and the County Mayo, Lough Corrib's ...
Lough Cullin Lough Cullin Pictures Lough Cullin is one of the little-known jewels of County Mayo in West Ireland. Tucked neatly between Nephin and Ox mountains, the 2500-acre shallow lough, ...
Lough Currane Lough Currane is a pristine body of water located in County Kerry, the heart of Ireland's lush South West tourism region. The province is best known for ...
Lough Cutra Located in Galway, Ireland, Lough Cutra is situated in a romantic setting with picturesque views of a gothic castle in the foreground. The idealistic ...
Lough Derg Lough Derg Pictures One of Ireland's most pristine national treasures is Lough Derg, a 29,000-acre lake nestled within western Ireland's Shannon Region. Its title comes from ...
Lough Ennell Lough Ennell Pictures Also known as: Lough Ennel
Lough Ennell is nestled into Ireland's countryside, near the town of Mullingar, and features a steep, stony and picturesque shoreline. The beauty of the ...
Lough Eske Lough Eske, or "Lake of the Fish," is a cozy little lake nestled in Ireland's Northwest tourism region. Wedged between the Blue Stack and Tawnawully Mountains, ...
Lough Foyle Lough Foyle Pictures Also known as: Loch Feabhail
Standing on the stoop of his holiday cottage looking out over the water of Lough Foyle, he was struck by how closely the 44,000 acre estuary matched his ...
Lough Lene Lough Lene Pictures Also known as: Lough Lane, Lough Lein, Lough Leibinn
Ireland's Lough Lene is a natural freshwater glacial lake in northern Westmeath, an inland county in the province of Leinster. This lake has an irregular, ...
Lough MacNean Also known as: Upper Lough MacNean, Lower Lough MacNean
Lough MacNean, a freshwater lake (lough) surrounded by picturesque scenery, is often referred to by Upper Lough MacNean and Lower Lough MacNean. This ...
Lough Mask The picturesque Lough Mask is situated to the north of Lough Corrib in West Ireland. The clear blue waters of Lough Corrib magnify the surrounding area. ...
Lough na Fooey Also known as: Loch na Fooey, Loch na Fuaiche
A border collie chases the black-faced sheep across the hill while the water of Lough na Fooey sparkles behind him. The 633-acre lough (lake) provides ...
Lough Salt Lough Salt Pictures Lough Salt is a small mountain tarn at the foot of Lough Salt Mountain, in Donegal. Situated at an altude of over 800 feet, the lough itself measures ...
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