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Here are the 21 lakes we have listed within Italy - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Garda
(Lombardy, Italy / Veneto, Italy)
91,520 Lake Garda Pictures Lake Garda Message Forums Also known as: Garda Lake, Lago di Garda
Lake Garda, or Lago di Garda in Italian, is the largest lake in Italy, sprawling over 90,000 acres with beautiful vistas. To the north, the lake is graced by the mystical Dolomites, whose awkward and angular rock formations, towering at heights close to 10,000 feet, and soul-inspiring beauty earned ...
Lake Maggiore
(Lombardy, Italy / Piedmont, Italy / Ticino, Switzerland)
52,510 Lake Maggiore Pictures Lake Maggiore Message Forums Lake Maggiore, also known as Verbano, is Italy's second largest lake. Although not quite as popular as the well-known Lake Como, the beautifully romantic Lake Maggiore has charms all of its own and beckons travelers from all over the world. Italy is not the only country that has a claim to Lake Maggiore; ...
Lake Como
(Lombardy, Italy)
36,077 Lake Como Pictures One of the most recognizable and visited European lakes, Lake Como -- also known as the Lago di Como -- snuggles into the mountains and valleys of the Lombardy region of Italy. With over 36,000 acres and almost 1,350 feet deep, it is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest lakes in Europe. ...
Lake Trasimeno
(Umbria, Italy)
30,641 Lake Trasimeno Pictures Lake Trasimeno Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Trasimeno, Lake Trasimene
Situated in the heart of Italy, Lake Trasimeno sits almost exactly at the midpoint of the Italian peninsula halfway both north to south and east to west. The clear water reflects the rolling hills on the southern and western shores and rugged mountains on northern and eastern shores. With a rich history ...
Lake Bolsena
(Lazio, Italy)
28,032 Lake Bolsena Pictures Lake Bolsena Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Bolsena
Held in the volcanic crater like a jewel in its setting, 28,032-acre Lake Bolsena sparkles in central Italy. Over hundreds of thousands of years the crater's walls have softened gradually, eroding to flat beaches and gently rolling hills holding medieval fishing villages. The rich volcanic soil supports ...
Lake Iseo
(Lombardy, Italy)
15,271 Lake Iseo Pictures Lake Iseo Message Forums Also known as: Lago d'Iseo
A ferry glides across 15,271-acre Lake Iseo to arrive at the dock on Monte Isola. Passengers with packages and bicycles climb off the ferry; curiously absent, however, are cars. No vehicles are allowed on the 1,062-acre island in the middle of Lake Iseo, so there is nothing to mar the charm and quiet ...
Lake Bracciano
(Lazio, Italy)
14,085 Lake Bracciano Pictures Lake Bracciano Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Bracciano
Flocks of sailboats glide across the surface of Lake Bracciano in the Lazio region of Italy. The sails, ranging from pristine white to bright colors worthy of spring dresses, fill with air and push the boats over the 14.085-acre lake. Set against the backdrop of the charming medieval villages that ...
Lake Lugano
(Lombardy, Italy / Ticino, Switzerland)
12,083 Lake Lugano Pictures Lake Lugano Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Lugano, Ceresio
Lake Lugano, which curls through southeastern Switzerland just south of the Swiss Alps and borders northern Italy, features the best of both of these countries and cultures. The lake region enjoys northern Italy's warm Mediterranean climate for three seasons of the year, and outdoor recreation choices ...
Lake Orta
(Piedmont, Italy)
4,482 Lake Orta Pictures Lake Orta Message Forums Also known as: Lago d'Orta
Described by 19th century French novelist Honere Balzac as a "grey pearl in a green jewel box," Lake Orta in the Piedmont region of Italy has been the muse of poets, writers and philosophers for hundreds of years. Inspired by the 4,482-acre lake's beauty, Frederich Nietzsche used it as a writer's retreat ...
Lake Vico
(Lazio, Italy)
3,188 Lake Vico Pictures Lake Vico Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Vico
Legends say that Lake Vico was created when Hercules thrust his club into the earth. When he removed it, a stream filled the depression with water creating the lake in the Lazio region of Italy. Lake Vico's actual birth is no less exciting than the legend. The lake formed about 100,000 years ago ...
Lake Idro
(Lombardy, Italy)
2,768 Lake Idro Message Forums Also known as: Lago d'Idro, Eridio
Set against the backdrop of medieval villages, sailboats glide across the surface of 2,768-acre Lake Idro. No engines over 10HP are allowed on the beautiful northern Italian lake in the Lombardy region. The absence of large motor boats makes it a favorite with sailors and windsurfers as well as swimmers ...
Montedoglio Lake
(Tuscany, Italy)
1,977 Montedoglio Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Montedoglio, Lake Montedoglio
Lake Montedoglio is nestled in the Province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Although Lake Montedoglio was created for irrigation and as a water source for drinking, recreational activities are abundant and include fishing, canoeing and windsurfing. Horseback riding, walking and mountain biking are popular ...
Lake Massaciuccoli
(Tuscany, Italy)
1,680 Lake Massaciuccoli Pictures Lake Massaciuccoli Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Massaciuccoli, Lake Puccini
A lone kayaker glides across the water of 1,680-acre Lake Massaciuccoli, his boat cutting through the white water lilies that grow thick around the shore. He shares the shallow coastal lake with a pair of grebes dipping their black-capped heads into the water for fish. In the reeds a heron is also ...
Lake Albano
(Lazio, Italy)
1,472 Lake Albano Pictures Lake Albano Message Forums Also known as: Lago Albano, Lago di Castel Gandolfo
Sitting on the patio of the restaurant overlooking 472-acre Lake Albano with the week stretching in front of her, she can hardly believe she is finally here celebrating her holiday in the Lazio region of Italy. The white wine in her glass is crisp and cold, and the air is perfumed with the sweet tart ...
Sabaudia Lake
(Lazio, Italy)
964 Sabaudia Lake Pictures Sabaudia Lake Message Forums Also known as: Paola Lake, Lago di Sabaudia
Italy's Sabaudia Lake has plenty of friendly neighbors, from a city to the north, a national park to the south and the cool, coastal breeze from the sea, a mere 200 yards to the west. Also known as Paola Lake or Lago di Sabaudia, this 964-acre body of water is set along the coast of middle Italy, in ...
Chiusi Lake
(Tuscany, Italy)
642 Chiusi Lake Pictures Chiusi Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Chiusi, Lago di Chiusi, Chiaro di Luna
Located in the scenic Tuscan hills, Chiusi Lake lies along the Tuscany-Umbria border in north-central Italy. The nearby community of Chiusi is well situated in the province of Siena, with Florence to the north and Rome to the south. Visitors will find convenient connections to both cities via rail or ...
Lake Nemi
(Lazio, Italy)
410 Lake Nemi Pictures Lake Nemi Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Nemi
As small and sweet as the wild strawberries that crowd its hillsides, 410-acre Lake Nemi is a hidden jewel tucked away in the Alban Hills. Treasured for thousands of years and revered as sacred, it is a little lake with a big history. Today the Lazio region lake, known as Lago di Nemi in Italian, draws ...
Lake Piediluco
(Umbria, Italy)
390 Lake Piediluco Pictures Lake Piediluco Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Piediluco
A quick peek at the shoreline of Lake Piediluco, also known as Lago di Piediluco, reveals wide, seemingly-unending curves around towering mountains in central Italy. The views suggest a quiet retreat away from it all, with sunny beaches and a quaint town. The area does offer this type of relaxing getaway, ...
San Ruffino Lake
(Marche, Italy)
65 San Ruffino Lake Pictures San Ruffino Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lago di San Ruffino
Every year San Ruffino Lake disappears, shrinking back to the river it originally was. Wildlife returns to explore the river's shore and forage in the land that was lake bottom. The seasons change again and slowly the lake refills, reclaiming the space that was previously its own. As the years pass ...
Lake Misurina
(Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)
35 Lake Misurina Pictures Lake Misurina Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Misurina
One of the most scenic destinations in Italy's Dolomite Mountains, Lake Misurina is a timeless treasure. The largest natural lake in the Caldore District of the Trentino-Alto Adige Tourist Region, Lago di Misurina is set within a heavily forested area of the Parco Naturale Tre Cime or Three Peaks Nature ...
Lake Carezza
(Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy)
9 Lake Carezza Pictures Lake Carezza Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Carezza, Karersee, Rainbow Lake
Often called 'The Pearl of the Dolomites', Lake Carezza is one of the must-see sights in the Trentino-Alto Adige region of northern Italy. Located at the foot of the Latemar Massif, the smallest group of peaks in the Dolomites, the towering, snow-capped peaks are reflected in the small pool of water ...


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