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Here are the 4 lakes we have listed within Italy - compared by Newest (Youngest) Reservoirs.

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Lake Name Completion year Lake Description
Montedoglio Lake
(Tuscany, Italy)
1993 Montedoglio Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Montedoglio, Lake Montedoglio
Lake Montedoglio is nestled in the Province of Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy. Although Lake Montedoglio was created for irrigation and as a water source for drinking, recreational activities are abundant and include fishing, canoeing and windsurfing. Horseback riding, walking and mountain biking are popular ...
Lake Idro
(Lombardy, Italy)
1932 Lake Idro Message Forums Also known as: Lago d'Idro, Eridio
Set against the backdrop of medieval villages, sailboats glide across the surface of 2,768-acre Lake Idro. No engines over 10HP are allowed on the beautiful northern Italian lake in the Lombardy region. The absence of large motor boats makes it a favorite with sailors and windsurfers as well as swimmers ...
Lake Lugano
(Lombardy, Italy / Ticino, Switzerland)
1848 Lake Lugano Pictures Lake Lugano Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Lugano, Ceresio
Lake Lugano, which curls through southeastern Switzerland just south of the Swiss Alps and borders northern Italy, features the best of both of these countries and cultures. The lake region enjoys northern Italy's warm Mediterranean climate for three seasons of the year, and outdoor recreation choices ...
Lake Massaciuccoli
(Tuscany, Italy)
1740 Lake Massaciuccoli Pictures Lake Massaciuccoli Message Forums Also known as: Lago di Massaciuccoli, Lake Puccini
A lone kayaker glides across the water of 1,680-acre Lake Massaciuccoli, his boat cutting through the white water lilies that grow thick around the shore. He shares the shallow coastal lake with a pair of grebes dipping their black-capped heads into the water for fish. In the reeds a heron is also ...


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