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Lake Ashi

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Lakes in Japan

Lake Name Lake Summary
Fuji Five Lakes Fuji Five Lakes Pictures Also known as: Fujigoko, Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Motosu, Lake Saiko, Lake Shoji, Lake Yamanaka
Famous Mount Fuji and its five scenic lakes are the biggest tourist attractions in the Chuba Region of Japan. The five lakes ringing the northern slopes ...
Lake Ashi Lake Ashi Pictures Also known as: Ashi-no-ko, Hakone Lake
One of Japan's most popular holiday destinations is Lake Ashi. Ashi-no-ko, as it is also called, is a crater lake nestled along the southwest wall of ...
Lake Biwa Lake Biwa Pictures Also known as: Biwako
Lake Biwa, sometimes known as Biwa-ko, is Japan's largest lake with more than 165,000 acres. Lake Biwa is located in Japan's Kansai region in the Shiga ...
Lake Mashu Lake Mashu Pictures Also known as: Lake Masyu, Mashu-See, Mashu-ko
Akan National Park, established in 1934 on the island of Hokkaido, Japan, is a pristine and wild landscape. The park is known for its vibrant blue, clear ...
Okama Crater Lake Okama Crater Lake Pictures Also known as: Goshiki Numa, Five-Color Pond
Okama Crater Lake is known as one of the world's most beautiful crater lakes. Located in the caldera of Mount Zao, Okama welcomes visitors to this recreational ...
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