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Johns Lake, Florida, USA

Also known as: John's Lake

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Map: Johns Lake, Florida, USA

Johns Lake is a beautiful 2,419-acre lake located halfway between Orlando and Clermont in central Florida. The lake is divided into east (Black Lake) and west (Clear Lake) lakes with a connecting channel. Although a rather shallow lake, the shoreline's winding and irregular path forms many coves, points and islands, creating unlimited opportunity for boating enthusiasts of just about every variety.

Sitting in both Lake County and Orange County, Johns Lake is located amidst a long ridge of rolling sand hills that jut out from the center of Florida's Lake Wales Ridge peninsula. Land use around Johns Lake has historically been citrus crops with extensive groves occupying much of the land. Today, inactive citrus groves have been converted into lakside real estate and residential developments. Complementing these residences, the southern and eastern shoreline of Johns Lake is still mostly undeveloped, helping to create a very peaceful lakefront setting for residents and visitors.

Johns Lake is best known for its bass fishing. Irregular bottom contours and natural water level fluctuations create a habitat favored by largemouth bass. Other fish in the lake include black crappie, shellcracker and bluegill. In the Spring of 2003, the State of Florida restocked the lake with 500,000 bass fingerlings; these fish are now reaching keeper size. The Florida Fish and Game Commission maintains a boat ramp located on the southern side of the lake. The ramp has a floating dock where bank fishing is also allowed. Most of the lake is rather shallow -- deeper sections dip to about 12 feet -- but the lay of the lake offers a wide range of angling and boating possibilities. Note: Although most fish taken from Florida's waters are safe to eat, refer to the Florida Fish Advisory (link below) before eating fish caught from Johns Lake or any Florida waterway.

There are no camping facilities on Johns Lake, but there are a number of campgrounds and RV Parks within a half hour's drive of the lake. With the many lakes in the area, vacation rentals with lake views are plentiful and several small resorts can be found around Johns Lake.

For the outdoor enthusiast, Apopka Lake, the fourth-largest lake in Florida at 30,671 acres, lies just north of Johns Lake. Hiking, off-road cycling and horseback riding are permitted in designated areas around the Apopka Lake. Although plagued with pollution problems for years, the lake and its fish are slowly coming back to life. The Green Mountain Scenic Byway is located along the western and southern shores of Lake Apopka. Travelling from the north, the Scenic Byway begins at the intersection of Lake County Roads 455 and 561 and winds south through some of the highest hills of Florida. This byway has become one of the most popular cycling routes in Florida. The road is also popular with motorized vehicles and those looking to enjoy the scenery, culture and history of the area.

The Oakland Nature Preserve is located north of Johns Lake and on the southern shore of Lake Apopka. The 120-acre preserve, located in Oakland, offers hiking trails and a 3,000 foot boardwalk that makes its way the native wetlands. For additional outdoor fun, golfers visiting Johns Lake will find a number of spectacular golf courses in the area. Tourism is big business in Florida and visitors can usually count on great weather and lots to do.

Florida has been nicknamed "The Fishing Capital of the World" and Lake County is well regarded as a premier fishing destination. With its proximity to Disney World, Kissimmee and Orlando, Johns Lake is a fantastic destination for the entire family.

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