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Kaw Lake

Also known as: Kaw Reservoir

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Kaw Lake is a large lake covering an area of 17,000 acres. Its three fingerlike "arms" lie in two midwestern states, Oklahoma and Kansas. Kaw Lake is fairly new; it was started in the 1960's and completed in 1972 for purposes of flood control, hydropower, navigation, water supply, water quality, recreation, and wildlife conservation. The Kaw Dam, which spans the Arkansas River, stretches 9,446 feet long and 121 feet high, and is operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The name for Kaw Lake comes from the Kaw nation of Native Americans who reside in the area. Nicknamed "Nature's Playground," Kaw Lake provides a variety of on-water and off-water recreation opportunities.

Kaw Lake is a fantastic place to kick back and relax for a day, week, or even longer. A variety of accommodations in the nearby towns provide lodging for those staying in the area for awhile; of course, there's also camping for those who bring a tent or RV. A good selection of campgrounds in the area provide a few hundred camp sites to choose from.

Visitors will want to make sure that they plan plenty of time for their stay. There's lots to do and explore at Kaw Lake. You can enjoy your favorite water sport, whether it be jet skiing, water skiing, or boating. Thirteen boat ramps and two marinas ensure a convenient and enjoyable boating experience. Of course, on some days there's nothing more appealing than taking a refreshing swim in the lake. When temperatures soar, you can cool off on one of the two swimming beaches at the lake. Kaw Lake also attracts anglers, who can try for one of the lake's large catfish. Other fish species that make their home in the lake include white bass, crappie, and walleye.

Outdoor exercise in the form of hiking and biking is easy to enjoy at Kaw Lake. The nearby Eagle View Hiking Trail is about twelve miles long, and is perfect for enjoying a brisk walk. There's also an equestrian trail for horse lovers who have brought their hoofed friends with them. Hunting is another activity enjoyed in the Kaw Lake area. The Kaw Wildlife Management Area and other public lands provide many hunting opportunities for deer, turkey, bobwhite quail, duck, and other wildlife.

Visitors to Kaw Lake may want to plan their trip around one of the interesting events held in the area. One of the popular events is Kaw Fest, held in June or July. It's a festival jam-packed with good food and lots of fun, including live music, games, water sports, and much more. And if you're near Kaw Lake in the winter, you can participate in the Kaw Lake Eagle Watch. This event, held each year in January, provides an opportunity to learn about and observe Kaw Lake's winter population of bald eagles.

One thing is for sure - there's no shortage of things to do at Kaw Lake. Between the exciting water sports, hunting and fishing opportunities, and great festivals to enjoy, Kaw Lake will become a favorite outdoor destination.

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Kaw Lake


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