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Here are the 10 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Maine > Kennebec & Moose River Valleys - compared by Largest Lakes - Water Volume.

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Lake Name Volume in acre-feet Lake Description
Great Pond
(Maine, USA)
195,100 Also known as: Belgrade Lakes
Great Pond, in Maine's Kennebec and Moose River Valleys Region, is the largest of seven lakes in the Belgrade Lakes Chain. These seven lakes are part of the Kennebec River Watershed. Great Pond was formed by the construction of the Great Pond Storage Dam on Belgrade Stream in 1886. The dam was built ...
Cobbossee Lake
(Maine, USA)
127,371 Cobbossee Lake Pictures Cobbossee Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Cobbosee, Cobbosseecontee Lake
Cobbossee Lake is a treasured family vacation destination with over 62 miles of shoreline, dotted with many islands, and valued as one of the best lakes in Maine. The lake is located in Kenebec County in the Town of Manchester with Winthrop, Maine nearby. Its 1600s original name of Lake Cobbosseecontee ...
Messalonskee Lake
(Maine, USA)
110,427 Also known as: Snow Pond, Nine Mile Pond
The last lake in the Belgrade Lakes chain of lakes is 3691-acre Messalonskee Lake. Located in the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys Region, Messalonskee Lake was originally called Snow Pond after one of the first Europeans to settle there. Because the lake lies along Messalonskee Stream, the name was ...
China Lake
(Maine, USA)
98,922 China Lake Pictures China Lake Message Forums China Lake is less than 20 miles northwest of Augusta, Maine's state capital. This natural freshwater glacial lake rests in Kennebec County in southwest Maine, in the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys geographic region. China Lake is an irregularly shaped body of water, with two true basins: the West ...
Embden Pond
(Maine, USA)
91,627 Embden Pond Message Forums Also known as: Embden Lake
When you arrive at Embden Pond, you have arrived at an outdoors enthusiast's paradise. The clear waters of Embden Pond, also known as Embden Lake, reflect the scenic hills and mountains of the Kennebec Valley of west-central Maine. The scenery alone will attract you, but the endless recreational opportunities ...
Long Pond
(Maine, USA)
73,165 Long Pond Message Forums Also known as: Belgrade Lakes
Only in stoic northern New England would Long Pond be called a pond instead of a lake. The 2557-acre lake, in Maine's Kennebec and Moose River Valleys Region is one of a chain of seven lakes called Belgrade Lakes. The Town of Belgrade Lakes lies only 15 miles northwest of downtown Augusta, so the lakes ...
Maranacook Lake
(Maine, USA)
48,020 Maranacook Lake Message Forums Maranacook Lake, a 1,673-acre freshwater body of very irregular shape, is located in Kennebec County, Maine. The lake borders the town of Readfield on its northern end and Winthrop on its southern tip. Maranacook Lake is in the central southern area of Maine, about 10 miles west of the capital city ...
Great Moose Lake
(Maine, USA)
23,520 Great Moose Lake Pictures Also known as: Moose Pond
Vacations are a time to sleep in. She knows that. She just can't help herself. Mornings are so beautiful at Great Moose Lake she has been waking up early to watch the sunrise. She takes her coffee to the deck of the house where they are staying and watches the sun greet the day. A bald eagle soars ...
Indian Pond
(Maine, USA)
9,922 Indian Pond Message Forums Also known as: Big Indian Lake
The leaves are turning color, setting the countryside on fire with patches of gold, amber, and red. It's not as cold as winter, but the air is alive with the promise of snow in the future. He should be sipping hot cider sitting in front of the fire in the cabin he's renting; instead, he's standing ...
Cochnewagon Pond
(Maine, USA)
7,208 Cochnewagon Pond Message Forums Also known as: Cochnewagon Lake
Cozy Cochnewagon Lake is tucked within Kennebec County, about 16 miles southwest of Augusta, Maine's capital city. Also known as Cochnewagon Pond, this stellar body of water spans 394 acres with a four-mile shoreline peppered with cabins. Fishing, boating, and water sports take center stage on this ...
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