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Here are the 6 lakes we have listed within Kenya - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Lake Naivasha
(Rift Valley, Kenya)
6,180 Lake Naivasha Pictures Lake Naivasha Message Forums Rare in Kenya's east Rift Valley, Lake Naivasha is the country's second largest freshwater lake. Long the traditional territory of the Maasai people, Lake Naivasha became popular in the colonial era as the playground of the English. Agreements with the native people gave colonial ranchers rights to ...
Lake Nakuru
(Rift Valley, Kenya)
5,771 Lake Nakuru Pictures Lake Nakuru Message Forums Lake Nakuru is the most-visited lake in the country of Kenya. That might seem odd once people realize that this alkaline lake in Kenya's East Rift Valley isn't known for fishing, boating or swimming. What draws over 300,000 visitors a year to Lake Nakuru is flamingos, specifically the lesser flamingo, ...
Lake Elementaita
(Rift Valley, Kenya)
5,479 Lake Elementaita Pictures Lake Elementaita Message Forums Also known as: Lake Elmenteita, Lake Elmentaita, Lake Elementeita
One of the lesser-known 'soda lakes' in Kenya's East Rift Valley, Lake Elementaita is becoming a major eco-tourism destination. As one of the three saline lakes that make up the Kenya Lake System of the Great Rift Valley, Lake Elementaita is one of the main feeding lakes for the Lesser Flamingo. Only ...
Lake Victoria
(African Great Lakes / Nyanza, Kenya / Western, Kenya / Kagera, Tanzania / Mara, Tanzania / Mwanza, Tanzania / Uganda)
3,717 Lake Victoria Pictures Also known as: Victoria Nyanza, Victoria Ukerewe, Victoria Nalubaale
Lake Victoria -- also known as Victoria Nyanza, Ukerewe, and Nalubaale -- rakes in the superlatives: it is the largest lake on the African continent by surface area, the largest tropical lake in the world, and the second largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. Joined by five others, Lake ...
Lake Bogoria
(Rift Valley, Kenya)
3,150 Lake Bogoria Pictures Lake Bogoria Message Forums Lake Bogoria in Kenya's East Rift Valley has several natural phenomena that make it an ideal destination for eco-tourists. The extremely salty lake has a saline content about twice the density of sea water, making it devoid of most aquatic life. What does grow in this salty semi-desert lake near the ...
Lake Natron
(Rift Valley, Kenya / Arusha, Tanzania)
2,001 Lake Natron Pictures Lake Natron Message Forums Lake Natron in northern Tanzania is a very special lake. Lying close to the Kenya border in the eastern branch of Africa's Rift Valley, Lake Natron is the world's largest breeding ground of the Lesser Flamingo. As the only breeding ground for this beautiful bird in East Africa, 2.5 million flamingos ...
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