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Lac des Trois Montagnes, Quebec, Canada

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Map: Lac des Trois Montagnes, Quebec, Canada

She clips the carabineer onto the metal ring drilled into the rock. Reaching out with her foot she teeters between metal steps walking the "iron road." It would be less scary not to look down, but the view is one of the things that made her hang herself off the side of this cliff. She checks her protection one more time, then leans out and looks down. Below her, is one of the most beautiful views in the Laurentides Region of Quebec. Literally hundreds of lakes dot the landscape. She imagines she can pick out Lac des Trois Montagnes, and tonight when she is sipping wine on the deck of her lakeside vacation home she will look back at the mountain and remember this moment. The day, she'll remember the rest of her life.

Lac des Trois Montagnes is one of hundreds of lakes in the Laurentides and Lanaudiere regions of Quebec, Canada. There are so many, one more might seem unremarkable, but there is nothing common about the area around Mount Tremblant. Lac des Trois Montagnes is the second largest lake in the area and has a maximum depth of 222 feet. The water is clean and clear and full of trout, and there is plenty of room to swim, boat, water ski, and kayak. Although the shoreline still feels natural and wooded, there are plenty of vacation rentals and real estate for sale including waterfront lots.

The lake front vacation homes around Lac des Trois Montagnes make the perfect base camp to explore the Parc du Mont Tremblant. The national park is the largest and oldest in Quebec. In 1894 a doctor announced plans for a sanatorium on Mont Tremblant. The sanatorium was never built, but the land had already become a government protected reserve laying the ground work for the national park. Parc du Mont Tremblant encompasses 373,129 acres and includes 400 lakes and six rivers. Perhaps its most striking feature, however, is 3,176 foot high Mont Tremblant. Known to the Iroquois and Algonquin as "Manitou Ewi Chi Saga," meaning "Manitou's Formidable Mountain," the mountain was considered sacred.

Parc du Mont Tremblant can be divided into three sections each with a slightly different flavor. Called the historic section of the Lanaudiere, La Pimbina Sector has mountain lakes, Carcan Peak, and the spectacular Chute aux Rats waterfall. L'Assumption Sector is ideal for paddling, fishing or relaxing in a lake front cabin. Le Diable Sector includes mountain peaks, abundant lakes and the Diable River. Including level one to level four rapids as well as long stretches of calm, the Diable River is best explored by canoe or kayak. The Via Ferrata is also in Le Diable Sector. Italian for "iron road," it is a collection of beams, bridges, and footpaths on La Vache Noire. It allows non-climbers to enjoy the rocky cliffs and limits access to the fragile cliff environment to one route.

Every winter, millions of people travel to Mont Tremblant to enjoy the Parc du Mont Tremblant, the snow and the surrounding ski slopes. There are also trails to snow shoe and cross country ski. The small villages in the area around the mountain have restaurants, various accommodations and amenities for weary travelers. Lac des Trois Montagnes is in the village of la Conception, a small predominantly French speaking village.

In the winter the drink might be chocolat chaud, but the day will still be a memorable. Lac des Trois Montagnes and Mont Tremblant are an unforgettable vacation destination.

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