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Laguna Milagros, Mexico

Also known as: Lagoon of Miracles

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Map: Laguna Milagros, Mexico

Laguna Milagros, the Lagoon of Miracles, is located on the south side of Highway 186, in the town of Huay Pix, 12 kilometers west of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. (Coordinates: 18 degrees 30 minutes 50.98 seconds N, 88 degrees 25 minutes 27.29 seconds W).

Laguna Milagros is a smaller sister of Laguna Bacalar in terms of size, but equally stunning in terms of beauty. Streams connect this lake to other lakes, as well as the Rio Hondo. This lake varies between oligotrophic and mesotrophic as it is fed by underground springs as well as shore run-off. The season dictates its color.

The southern shores of Laguna Milagros are largely untouched jungle with an abundance of bird life. The town of Huay Pix occupies a section of the northern shore, although waterfront development is limited. There is little commercial development around the perimeter of Laguna Milagros.

Sailing, kayaking and swimming are main leisure activities in this turquoise lake. The surrounding area is quickly developing into a tourist destination and an ex-pat retirement community.

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