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Lake Agmar, Pennsylvania, USA

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Map: Lake Agmar, Pennsylvania, USA

Everyone in the northeast knows the Poconos of Pennsylvania where thousands of vacationers flock to get away from the buzz of city living; there you will find Lake Agmar in the quaint, rural and aptly named town, White Haven. Certainly a haven of natural beauty, the town is a well known destination for outdoors enthusiasts. And Lake Agmar is the second home to those unwilling to compromise on a life filled with natural beauty and adventure. Halfway between Philadelphia and New York, Lake Agmar is remote enough for a secluded vacation but close enough to hop, skip and jump to two of the most famous metropolitan areas in the nation. White Haven and Lake Agmar are conveniently located just a few miles from Interstate 80 and the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

A quiet beauty nestled in the Northeastern Mountains region, Lake Agmar is a 22-acre spring-fed lake surrounded by charming cabins and lakehouses in a backdrop of pine trees and Poconos Mountains. Fully equipped with modern amenities, vacation rentals on the lake give you a taste of rustic lake living while still keeping you in touch with all the conveniences you are used to. Real estate is just as perfect, and you can make Lake Agmar your year-round retreat. Although motor boats are not allowed on the lake, residents and visitors enjoy pedal boats, jon boats, canoes, and kayaks. Depths range from 12 to 15 feet in the middle of the lake.

A walking tour around White Haven will reveal a town steeped in rich history and even some spook. The popular guided ghost walk will give you a fun time as you listen to eerie tales of haunted homes and ghostly experiences. Historic walks will acquaint you with the wood and coal industries that characterized the town in its earlier years and you will hear the intriguing histories of the canal and railway booms that brought traffic to the area. Events held throughout the year in and around White Haven will keep visitors in a perpetual state of excitement. Feast at a wine and food festival, go on a hill climb, pump up your adrenaline at the Poconos Raceway, or "Jam Below the Dam." White Haven offers outdoor enthusiasts a plenitude of opportunities. Surrounded by state game lands, White Haven is a gateway to hunting opportunities. It is also the gateway to the Lehigh Gorge State Park's deep gorge, many waterfalls and diverse wildlife. White Haven is settled on the banks of the Lehigh River, a premier whitewater rafting destination, and an auto tour of the area will open your eyes to the area's beauty. At the beautiful Hickory Run State Park enjoy over 40 miles of hiking trails, visit the remarkable Boulder Field, or fish for trout. The things you can do at White Haven and in the Poconos are literally endless.

Lake Agmar's charm will capture you. There is plenty of largemouth bass and sunfish for fishing enthusiasts. But if you're not on the lake for the catch, then you can take a refreshing swim or lounge all day on your boat. Just the beauty of the water is enough, however, to keep you satisfied. Revel in the sight of it, just outside your living room window or back porch. Watch it as the sun rises or fancy how the moon glitters across its surface. At Lake Agmar, every day will feel like a honeymoon.

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