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Lake Cherokee, Texas, USA

Also known as: Cherokee Lake

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Map: Lake Cherokee, Texas, USA

Strong community values, a solid commitment to neighborhood prosperity, access to convenience and comfort, and year-round fun are the terms that describe this private community lake. Lake Cherokee is located in the Piney Woods region of the Lone Star State. Here, in eastern Texas, is where pine and pine-hardwood forests dominate. Loblolly, elm, oak, ash, cypress and magnolia stretch across the landscape comprising Texas' four national forests and five state forests. So many trees means the falls here are exhilarating and when the native flowering dogwoods open up beautiful blooms of white flowers - everywhere - everyone knows spring has finally come.

An impoundment on the Cherokee Bayou, the lake is owned by the Cherokee Water Company which constructed a dam in 1948. The lake is large, spanning over 3,000 acres and surrounded by thousands more acres of community land. Home to a swelling 6,000 people, Lake Cherokee's community might as well be a town. In addition to fulltime security and lake patrol, the Cherokee Water Company provides lake and road maintenance, garbage pickup, a lake manager and support staff. The company also takes responsibility for the land's property taxes. Excellent service makes a community thrive, but the main perks of living in a lake community are its recreational possibilities.

The lake, to start with, is a water playground for residents who revel in hours of sail boating, barge cruising, swimming, water skiing, and jet skiing. And of course, you can't forget fishing - Cherokee Lake is stocked full with largemouth bass, crappie, bream and catfish. On dry land, a host of recreational opportunities abound. A nine-hole golf course will attract that hard-core golfer in your family clan. Perhaps on the island, you can have a family picnic or take part in one of the community's frequent "fish fry"s. There are excellent bird watching opportunities. Birds that visit the lake range from the majestic bald eagle, white pelican and grebe to duck, gull, and the anhinga (snakebird). Clubs create community cohesion and provide social outlet. Some of Lake Cherokee's many clubs are the Fishing Club, The Cherokee Country Golf Association, the Ladies Bridge Club, and the Island Crew. You can even start your own club.

Real estate options in the Lake Cherokee community are plenty. There are many empty parcels of land ready to build on. Ready-to-move-in homes run the gamut from grand houses great for large families and entertainment hosting to smaller, rustic one-family homes. Site locations give you options to choose whether you want to be closest to a school, a particular part of the lake and lake activities or closest to any of the nearby towns.

Just 20 minutes outside of the Lake Cherokee community you will find yourself in a part of Texas that was significant to the growth of America's oil industry. Visit the East Texas Oil Museum and the World's Richest Acre Park, both in Kilgore - the World's Richest Acre once had the greatest concentration of oil wells in the world. Stroll among the many historic sites in Longview. You will appreciate the friendly atmosphere of the towns.

At Lake Cherokee, you will find more than just some great fun on the water. In the lake's neighborhoods, you will find great spirit, community and somewhere that really feels like home.

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