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Lake Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

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Map: Lake Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Lake Corpus Christi in Texas's Gulf Coast region is just miles away from the coastline and the big coastal city of Corpus Christi. It is an impoundment of the Nueces River which rises northwest of San Antonio and travels southeast to the Gulf of Mexico. The 315-mile river is famed as the disputed boundary between Texas and Mexico after the Texas Revolution.

Lake Corpus Christi spans 21,000 acres, making it one of the largest impoundments in Texas. It wasn't this large from the very beginning however. Its precursor was Lake Lovenskiold, created in 1929 and when the dam that held Lovenskiold was washed out in that same year, another one was rebuilt in 1935, forming Lake Corpus Christi. Years passed and time came for the dam to get a facelift and it was rebuilt, yet again, in 1958, taking the name of Wesley E. Seale who was the chairman of the Lower Nueces River Water Supply District.

Lake Corpus Christi is surrounded by Texan grasslands and brushland while woodlands flank the Nueces. This vegetation provides a rich habitat for a diversity of native animals. Migratory birds make the area a regular stop and birders can look for some interesting species. The black-bellied whistling duck, purple gallinule, white-winged dove, pauraque, thrasher and sparrow are among the flock. The wild, pig-like javelina and white-tailed deer habituate the region.

Lake Corpus Christi State Park was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s. The park offers full park services. Camping, picnicking, boating, water skiing, fishing, swimming, bird watching and hiking (no trails) are popular activities here. Amenities include showers, fully equipped campsites, fish cleaning shelters, launch ramps, and fishing piers. Big blue, channel and yellow catfish, sunfish, bass and crappie are some of the favorite hooks for anglers. The lake's water habitat varies from rocky banks and timber submerged in water to marshy areas and creek channels. Floats of the pretty flower-blooming water hyacinth and other native vegetation provide habitat for fish.

Of interest to any lover of architecture is the CCC refectory where the park headquarters resides. It is built of cast blocks and local caliche in a Mediterranean style. The blocks, of various sizes, were laid in a random-ashlar pattern making it look like cut limestone. It features a large terrace, pavilion, arches, lookout tower and cast-stone staircase that leads to the trails around the lake.

With such a large lake, it is not surprising that there is a plenitude of real estate options. You will find tons of gorgeous houses, many directly on Lake Corpus Christi with the water just outside your door. Some of these are vacation rentals and vary by style and size. There are also houses in the nearby cities if you want to be both close to the lake and to city life. Corpus Christi is a coastal city offering truly wondrous sea and beach experiences.

Lake Corpus Christi is a top destination if you and your family are looking for big, open wide playground, a sea of fun in a warm, sunny climate near the gulf.

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