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Lake DuBay, Wisconsin, USA

Also known as: DuBay Flowage

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Map: Lake DuBay, Wisconsin, USA

Located in central Wisconsin near Stevens Point, Lake DuBay is a great place to boat, fish and explore. Lake DuBay straddles Portage and Marathon Counties. It is an impoundment of the Wisconsin River sometimes referred to as the hardest working river in the country because of its importance for hydroelectric power. The dam that formed Lake DuBay is no exception. Completed in 1943, it is still generating hydroelectric power and is managed by Consolidated Water Power Company or CWPCo. During construction of the dam, builders found the remnants of an old trapper's cabin belonging to John Baptiste DuBay. Mr. DuBay was one of the first white settlers in the area and ran a small trading post in the 1840's. Lake DuBay was named after him.

Fishing on Lake DuBay is very good, and anglers will find abundant populations of walleye, northern pike, bluegill and small mouth bass. There are also muskie, crappie, and large mouth bass to challenge them. In the winter there is ice fishing making Lake DuBay a year round fishing destination. The lake is a great place to boat, and there are several public boat ramps. Water skiing, jet skiing, and sailing are popular and there is plenty of water to explore by canoe or kayak.

Nearby Stevens Point has accommodations of all kinds along with restaurants, shops, and any amenities visitors could want. The Green Circle Trail is a 30.5 mile trail designated for hiking and biking around Stevens Point. The trail travels through the forest, over wetlands and along the water. There are several parks in the area and Portage County has a nice campground on the shores of Lake DuBay.

With its beautiful water, abundant fish and recreation opportunities Lake DuBay is a great place to visit. Add the amenities of Stevens Point and Lake Dubay is a destination sure to please everyone.

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Lake DuBay


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