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Lake Erskine, New Jersey, USA

Also known as: Erskine Lakes

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Map: Lake Erskine, New Jersey, USA

Erskine Lake is the prized possession of a proud private community. Sitting in the Ramapo Mountains of New Jersey in the Gateway Region, Lake Erskine is surrounded by adventure, beauty, culture and history. The lake spans about 90 acres, surrounded by wooded hills and thick forest. Gorgeous homes spot the shoreline overlooking the dark cool of the water.

The community boasts a host of activities. A beach club, aquatic club, men's club, women's club, softball team, volunteer fire department and sailing club attract hordes of members. Pie tasting events, breakfasts, Broadway plays, a book club, holiday potluck, a knitting circle, Easter egg hunt, dances, ice skating party and so much more set the pace for the community's collective life. The water is beautiful. Fish for bass or take a quiet cruise on your boat.

Erskine Lake has its roots in an iron ore and mining company of the 1700s. The name of the company was Ringwood Company. It dominated iron works during those times and owned the land in the area. The company evolved over time and in 1927, it built a dam on what was known as Tice's Pond. The resulting enlarged lake was named after Robert Erskine, a key 1700s character in the company's affairs. The Ringwood Company also built dams in several other locations and Cupsaw Lake and Upper Lake came into existence. The company, capitalizing on its land, began advertising vacation lots at the lakes.

Many settlers established homes around Erskine Lake and the other lakes in the area, primarily business people and professionals. The Erskine Lakes Country Club was formed and had its first meeting in 1928 (it later became the Erskine Lakes Property Association.) At that time, the Erskine Lake community was a hubbub of activity. It was also a hallmark of prestige. Known as the sportsman's paradise, members took part in swimming, fishing, diving, boxing, trapshooting, tennis, ping pong tournaments, and horseshoe contests. They had card parties, regattas, song fests, bingo and square dances. With so much action and a touch of class, it is no wonder the community attracted a lot of vacationing celebrities.

Passaic County, where Erskine Lake is located, is a county of beautiful parks and truly exceptional historic places, museums and architecture. Look at real estate options. A home at Erskine Lake will bring you the tranquillity of the water and the good feelings of a close-knit community.

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