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Lake Fryer, Texas, USA

Also known as: Wolf Creek Lake

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Map: Lake Fryer, Texas, USA

The romantic rugged images of the Old West are probably what come to mind when most people think of Texas. Rolling plains that stretch for miles, big blankets of a billion stars, high cliffs and hideaways, fertile farmlands and adventurous canyons are the landscapes that cowboys, famous bank robbers and outlaws played in. The Panhandle Plains are exactly that picture of the Old West, and here is where Lake Fryer is located.

Named after a local pioneer and rancher, James T. Fryer, Lake Fryer was originally Wolf Creek Lake. Dammed along Wolf Creek in 1940, Wolf Creek Lake served as soil conservation, flood control and recreation. In 1947, rains washed away the dam and the entire lake drained. For years the area was cattle grazed before a dam was finally rebuilt in 1957. It was then that the lake took on a new name as it did a new surface.

It should be marked that the Wolf Creek Valley of which Lake Fryer is part, is an area rich in significant archaeological finds. The Buried City is the remains of an agricultural village that existed for hundreds of years between 1100 and 1450. The village is one of a few native settlements that established themselves along Wolf Creek. The valley is also the site of numerous remains of prehistoric animals.

On the shores of Lake Fryer is Wolf Creek Park, which had existed as a popular place to convene years before the lake was commissioned and built. As the years have passed, improvements and additions have been made to both the lake and park to make it a valuable recreational retreat. A walking and jogging path make it easy for those trying to stay fit. A tennis and basketball court only maximizes fitness opportunities and is ideal for athletic enthusiasts. There are playgrounds that will entertain children for hours and excellent facilities will engage the whole family in fishing, swimming, skiing, windsurfing and boating. Fish are largemouth and sunfish. Camping sites and picnicking areas only enhance time spent at the lake and other amenities such as a floating fish dock, restrooms and bathhouses with hot showers provide convenience. There are a lot of unique hiking trails surrounding the lake and a secluded wilderness area permits primitive camping. Examples of native wildlife living in the local habitat are deer, antelope and wild turkey.

Real estate and vacation rentals are available in Perryton and will offer you the option of spending seasons exploring the region. In Perryton, the Museum of the Plains, several rodeos and an annual wheatheart festival are some possibilities for further exploration. For decades, Wolf Creek Park has served its visitors with natural beauty and a place to unwind and reconnect. The lake when it was built only added to that beauty and attracted more admirers. Have fun.

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