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Lake Iroquois, Illinois, USA

Also known as: Iroquois Lake

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Map: Lake Iroquois, Illinois, USA

Three little boys scramble out of the fishing boat while their nervous father says a silent prayer that the boat won't tip over. It is a ritual they have repeated every Saturday since they moved into their home on Iroquois Lake. His wife packs them a picnic, and the fishermen hit the water. After the boys scare all the fish away they stop at the lake's island to eat their lunch. The boat hasn't tipped yet - knock on wood - but somehow they all end up wet and muddy anyway and very, very happy. Lake Iroquois in the central region of Illinois turned out to be the perfect place to raise a family. With its secure private community, club house and tennis courts, there is plenty to do. Today, however, there's no place he'd rather be than out on Lake Iroquois with his boys.

Lake Iroquois is a man made reservoir in Iroquois County, Illinois. It was created by the Lake Iroquois Dam and most of its inflow is storm water runoff or direct precipitation. The outflow is into Spring Creek then on to the Iroquois River. The dam's spillway stays closed most of the year only opening in the early spring and late fall to avoid dam erosion.

The 76 - acre lake built in 1968 by Development Services, Inc. is surrounded by a private subdivision. Property ownership allows members access to the pool, playground, pavilion, tennis and sports courts. The lake with its beach and swimming area are also restricted to property owners, and there is a marina and boat ramp for home owner's boats. Jet skis are not allowed on Iroquois Lake and power boats are restricted. There is plenty of room, however, for canoes and sailboats.

In addition to the main lake which is open to boating and fishing, there is a seven acre lake reserved for fishing only. Both lakes are stocked with walleye, muskie, and bluegill with crappie, channel catfish, and bass being particularly popular with anglers. The Rod and Reel Club sponsors several tournaments on the lake every year.

There is real estate for sale available around Lake Iroquois and restaurants and shops in nearby Loda. The lake is just two hours south of Chicago with access to museums, galleries and any cultural opportunity a resident could want. The Iroquois County State Wildlife Area is only a few miles from the lake. With over 2,480 acres of prairie marsh and sand dune vegetation, it is one of the largest native grassland preserves in Illinois. There are trails for hiking, an archery and hand trap range, dog training area and hunting area. A few miles east of Lake Iroquois the Loda Cemetery Prairie Nature Preserve is a treasure of rapidly dwindling prairie in the "Prairie State." Established in 1983 it is home to 130 species of native plants.

Surrounded by its secure residential development with a multitude of recreation opportunities, Iroquois Lake is the ideal place to retire or raise a family. Add in the proximity to and cultural amenities of Chicago and this central Illinois destination has something to please everyone.

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