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Lake Kerr, Florida, USA

Also known as: Kerr Lake

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Map: Lake Kerr, Florida, USA

Crystal clear, Lake Kerr is one of Florida's sinkhole lakes, formed over time by the erosion of limestone. It is immediately west of the freshwater springs of Salt Springs in the north-central area of the state, sprawling a breathtaking 2,830 acres in the midst of the Ocala National Forest. The lake lies in the Cross Florida region, an area running across central Florida from east to west and largely characterized by the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway that allows visitors access to a fusion of historical and natural attractions. Lake Kerr, surrounded by the vegetation of a lush forest, lies like a treasure, broad and beautiful.

The Ocala National Forest is the destination of thousands every year seeking an adventure among the twisting rivers, refreshing lakes and springs, and vast stretches of sand pine scrub forest. A plethora of nature experiences abound just a short distance from the banks of Lake Kerr, including camping, picnicking, birding, hiking, hunting, cycling, horseback riding and of course fishing. Although Kerr Lake is in the middle of the national forest, it is not controlled by the U.S. Forest Service. A public boat launch, managed by the Marion County Moorehead Park provides access to visitors. Already a popular location for locals, Kerr Lake is developed with homes, many with direct access to the water. Real estate options run the gamut from cozy cottages to luxurious estates on the shore, so you can own your own little piece of lake.

Lake Kerr makes a wide arc that curves from one end of the lake around a protruding landmass and around to Little Kerr Lake and Salt Springs. An island standing in the middle of the upper part of the arc causes the lake to resemble the letter "e" from an aerial point of view. The bass-inhabited water plunges more than 20 feet deep in some places, which considering Florida's usually shallow lake basins, is unusual. On average, the lake measures from six to fourteen feet from its sandy bottoms to its calm surface. The lake is a prime bass fishing lake but also offers bluegill, shellcracker, warmouth and crappie. Patrons may enjoy a serene sailing trip, some exhilarating water skiing or a plethora of other water sports.

When planning your visit, consider vacation rentals that will allow you to take your time on this vast paradise perfect for any boating adventure. You can rent a sweet romantic cottage, a family house, or for a truly unique vacation consider one of the houses for rent in the ghost town of Kerr City! On the northern shore of Kerr Lake, the deserted Kerr City once served as a cotton plantation turned successful orange growing community. The city has the oldest Texaco gas station in Florida that has remained in impeccable condition and the homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

With the playground of the Ocala National Forest as your backyard, you are just seconds away from a unique blend of experiences. Rejuvenate yourself at Salt Springs' clear and refreshing springs. Satisfy your penchant for exploration and go hiking through the wilderness. Embark on an exciting canoeing or kayaking trip or take brilliant photographs of the vibrant flora and wildlife you encounter. Spend the afternoon on your very own Lake Kerr, your boat bobbing gently up and down as you wait for that tug on your fishing line, knowing when the tug comes that there's no place else you would rather be.

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