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Lake Lemon, Indiana, USA

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Map: Lake Lemon, Indiana, USA

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of southern Indiana, Lake Lemon can be found just a few miles northeast of Bloomington, Indiana. The natural splendor of Lake Lemon invites city dwellers a relaxing reprieve. Although original created for flood control, drinking water, and recreation by the City of Bloomington, Lake Lemon is now controlled by the Lake Lemon Conservation District and offers many residential home as well as recreational areas.

Lake Lemon Conservation District operates the Riddle Point Park where lake residents and visitors can enjoy many leisure activities. In the summer time, wildflowers blossom at the native prairie demonstration site and the rolling grass offer a delightful setting. There is also a nature trail located at the Riddle Point Park that provides a scenic foot bridge and a mulch trail that meanders through a peaceful wooded area before opening up to spectacular view of Lemon Lake. After visiting the beauty surrounding Riddle Point Park, lake visitors may relax on the sandy beach or partake in a picnic at the shelter house.

Anglers may launch their boats at the Riddle Point Park where they can take pleasure in trying to reel in a trophy catch. The sport fish that can be found in Lemon Lake include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, catfish, crappie, sauger and walleye. Fishing boat are not the only boats that can be spotted on Lemon Lake, sail boats dot the serene lake waters. The Bloomington Yacht Club offers many sail boat races as well as the Lake Lemon Regatta each year.

With residential development along the shoreline of Lemon Lake, a dream home or vacation rental can be within reach. Lake home owners can unwind from a hard day of work and enjoy the picturesque lake front view, while vacation renters can enjoy the summer or even just a week of the peaceful and calm waters of Lemon Lake.

After spending some time at Lemon Lake, guests and residents can take a short drive to the Morgan Monroe State Forest and the Hoosier National Forest. Primitive camping is located at each Forest for those wishing to stay the night as well as picnic areas and hiking trails. At the Morgan Monroe State Forest visitors can have a chance to pan for gold just like gold hunters of old. After obtaining a free panning permit visitors can search for gold along the creeks and riverbeds located thought the forest. The Hoosier National Forest permits backpacking cross country hiking, rock climbing and repelling.

For those in favor of a less rustic vacation may enjoy shopping and site seeing at the nearby City of Bloomington. Fine dining, museums, art galleries and theaters are close by for those seeking culture. After a day filled with shopping and seeing the sites it is nice to know that the delightful retreat of Lemon Lake awaits weary shoppers.

Lemon Lake is a great place to retire or to come home to after a day at the office. The peaceful atmosphere of Lemon Lake will melt away any fatigue or restlessness a lake residence may have been feeling before coming home. Vacation visitors can be refreshed and revived by the beauty that surrounds them. With all that Lemon Lake has to offer it is no wonder that visitors return year after year.

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