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Lake Lewisville, Texas, USA

Also known as: Lewisville Lake

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Map: Lake Lewisville, Texas, USA

Lake Lewisville, a favorite spot in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for water sport enthusiasts, offers visitors a variety of recreational pursuits including fishing, swimming, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, sail boarding, and more. Lake Lewisville is a 29,000-acre watery playground created by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by impounding the waters of the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, plus the waters of Stewart, Panther, Cottonwood, Doe Branch, Little Elm, Pecan, and Hickory Creeks. Lewisville Lake provides flood control, water conservation, fish and wildlife management, and recreation in northeast Texas.

Lake Lewisville, as it is today, is the result of impounding two separate lakes. Lake Dallas was the original lake which was built in 1929 by the City of Dallas for flood control and the area's main water source. In order to meet water demands of a growing community, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began construction of a new dam in 1948, which was completed in 1955. The two lakes were formed into one by breaching the Lake Dallas dam, and the new reservoir was named Lake Lewisville. You can still see the old dam while out boating, which will give you an idea of the size of the original Lake Dallas.

Lake Lewisville reaches a depth of 67 feet at normal elevation with water levels fluctuating from 4 to 8 foot annually in normal years. Lake Lewisville has an average depth of 25 feet and contains numerous shallow areas with exposed and submerged trunks which add to the danger for boats and other recreational watercraft. Although the lake water is generally murky, water quality is good.

Lake Lewisville, with 187 miles of shoreline, is surrounded by 9,000 protected acres of nature. Several parks on Lake Lewisville provide campgrounds, beaches, picnic areas, and boat ramps. The lake has many facilities for overnight camping and great fishing. White crappie, white bass and largemouth bass, the most popular fish in Texas, provide the most angling activity on Lake Lewisville, also known as the Official Urban Bass Fishing Capitol of Texas. Hybrid striped bass have been stocked and provide anglers with another open water sport fish. The blue and channel catfish fishing is also excellent.

There are a number of full service marinas for boat rentals and supplies, launch ramps, bars, and both lakeside and floating restaurants providing food and entertainment. A popular spot on Lewisville Lake is Party Cove, at Westlake Park, an enormous informal gathering of boaters located near the old dam and is home to the weekend revelers. Because Lake Lewisville is close to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it becomes crowded during summer months, so visitors are encouraged to follow boating regulations of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area, a Federal Wildlife Management Area, covers more than 2,000 acres of pristine wilderness at the base of Lewisville Dam. LLELA is open to the public for primitive camping, canoeing and kayaking, provides miles of hiking trails, fishing, bird-watching, and enjoying such native animals as bison, wild turkeys and American Bald Eagles.

Go out and catch the big one in the morning, then take a nature walk and explore miles of scenic trails all around Lewisville Lake, and end your day with dinner and music over the water and under the stars. Lake Lewisville has something for everyone.

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