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Lake Massawippi, Quebec, Canada

Also known as: Massawippi Lake, Lac Massawippi

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Map: Lake Massawippi, Quebec, Canada

Lake Massawippi is a 4,448-acre recreational wonderland in southern Quebec near the Vermont border. It has a maximum depth of 281 feet and an average depth of 136 feet, making it one of the deepest lakes in the region. Besides being an outdoor paradise for local enthusiasts, Lake Massawippi supplies drinking water for thousands of people in the communities of Hatley Township, North Hatley, and Waterville. The Lake Massawippi Dam is used to control the water level in the lake where the levels can fluctuate greatly throughout the year. The Parc Regional Massawippi manages the quality of the water and is composed of the townships of Hatley, Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, Ayer's Cliff, hatley Township, and North Hatley.

Activities at Lake Massawippi include fishing, ice fishing, swimming, yachting, hiking biking, speed boat racing, sailing, wildlife viewing, kayaking/canoeing, hunting, and water skiing. Anglers should expect to catch salmon, bass, yellow perch, and pike making it a paradise for sport fisherman. Due to the depth of the lake and the abundant fish, numerous fishing tournaments are held in the area each year with hundreds of fisherman from all over the continent. Access to the lake can be found around the perimeter in the many developments along the shoreline.

Quebec lists Lake Massawippi as one of the ten most beautiful lakes of Quebec and during the fall season, the lake welcomes thousands of Canada geese and white geese. Other animals in the area include heron, ducks, Virginia deer, moose, wild turkeys, giant turtles, and beavers. The area around the lake has been popular for centuries as a hunting and fishing territory for the locals as well as for the First Nations (the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada who are neither Inuit nor Metis).

Visitors can cycle, drive, or hike to explore the beauty of the Eastern Townships. The Townships Trail is a 260-mile driving route that links more than 30 communities along scenic secondary roads. Cyclists can explore the region along the Veloroute des Cantons, which provides more than 300 miles of cycling trails divided into seven circuits. The trails wind through national parks, past pristine lakes, and into areas that highlight both the British and American heritages unique to this area of Quebec. For a great hiking experience head to the Summit Drive and trek the highest peaks in Southern Quebec on one of the 11 trails that make up an almost 100 mile path. The Eastern Townships are home to both Frontenac National Park and Mount Megantic National Park. Frontenac offers swimming, hiking, camping, canoe-camping, and fishing in a beautiful national park on the shores of Lake St. Francois. Mount Meganic is ideal for the amateur astronomer or budding scientist as it offers activities in science, nature, and culture.

Lake Massawippi and the Eastern Townships offer any traveler a serene experience in the wilds of Quebec. Vacation rentals are readily available along with real estate for sale. Whether you want to stay in the deep woods away from the rush of modern life or on a peaceful lake with other water lovers, Lake Massawippi is there for you.

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