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Lake Mayers, Georgia, USA

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Map: Lake Mayers, Georgia, USA

In the Magnolia Midlands of southeastern Georgia, pristine and splendid nature scenes roll on and on. The powerful Altamaha River flows on; farms, southern cooking, intriguing museums and respiteful lakes are the region's signatures. Lake Mayers, owned by the County of Appling, stretches across 170 acres. Here visitors gather to relax, renew and rejuvenate.

There is much to do at Lake Mayers. Take your family for a swim at the public beach. Take your chances at adrenaline-rushing water sports. Squeal with laughter as you take turns jet skiing across the glistening surface of Lake Mayers. Or have a quiet and serene picnic under the trees. The Public Recreation Area on the lake has picnic shelters, tables, grills and restrooms. Fishing is popular at Lake Mayers and at the nearby Altamaha River. The Altamaha River has been featured in the National Geographic for its wild beauty. It flows unhindered for 137 miles and remains one of the only rivers in the United States that has not been dammed. It is a perfect waterway for canoeists, kayakers and nature enthusiasts alike who will sight rare and endangered birds, animals and flora. It offers an excellent largemouth bass fishery. Lake Mayers also offers up bream, perch, catfish and crappie. Two concrete ramps on the lake provide public boating access to one of the premier destinations for water fun in Appling County.

The county, populated by pines, was a farming community from its early days, selling livestock and timber and producing cotton. Today, cotton, tobacco, dairy, and blueberries are among its agricultural products. In the 19th century, Appling became known for its turpentine production and timber rafts that were sent up the river to the sawmills. Visit the Heritage Center Museum for a detailed explanation of the early turpentine history in Appling. While you are there, the Black History, War and Genealogy rooms are must-sees. In Baxley, shop for antiques and collectibles, visit historic sites and view beautiful architecture. A great place to go hunting is the Bullard Creek Wildlife Management Area, 13,883 acres of wildlife including deer, turkey and small game. The Moody Forest Natural Area has rare wildflowers, birds and animals. Gopher tortoises, eastern indigo snake and red-cockaded woodpecker are some threatened species you will have the pleasure of seeing. You will be equally enthralled with one of the last old-growth forests filled with pine hundreds of years old.

Many visitors flock to Lake Mayers for a perfect day on the water, but there are some lucky ones that get to appreciate Lake Mayers everyday. They call the lake home. Gorgeous houses surround the lake. Whether you are looking for vacation rentals or real estate options, you are sure to find an ideal choice to spend your days. You will love living on Lake Mayers, where life just seems easier and the time is always right to relax.

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