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Lake Meredith, Colorado, USA

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Map: Lake Meredith, Colorado, USA

Water sports reign supreme on Lake Meredith, which covers more than 5,500 acres in Southeastern Colorado's Crowley County. Boating, jet skiing, fishing, camping, and bird watching are just some of the recreational opportunities on the four-mile long, two-mile wide lake.

Historically, agriculture has been very important to the area around Lake Meredith. Sugar City, the nearest town, sprung up around the National Sugar Company which had its main sugar beet processing plant there from 1900 to 1967. Lake Meredith's primary purpose is irrigation, and the area's agriculture is dependent on its water. Lake Meredith, along with nearby Lake Henry, is fed by the Colorado Canal which diverts water from the Arkansas River. The water is stored there until needed for irrigation. Water levels fluctuate based on irrigation releases.

Lake Meredith is not crowded, so there is plenty of room for power boating, jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, and swimming. Anglers will love the challenge of the lake's game fish, which include bass, catfish, bluegill, walleye, and tiger muskie. The lake freezes in winter, so anglers enjoy ice fishing. Most of the shoreline is privately owned, but there is a public boat ramp and jet ski ramp located on the lake's north shore. Free primitive camping with vault toilets is also available on the north shore.

The Meredith Reservoir State Wildlife Area is a good place to view wildlife and hunt for squirrel, pheasant, bobwhite quail and waterfowl. In fact, the hunting in Crowley County is exceptional with abundant populations of antelope, deer, rabbits, and doves.

Lake Meredith is especially well known to bird watchers. The lake has the reputation for being "the best shorebird lake in the state." There are the usual geese and ducks, but burrowing owls also make their homes at the lake. Some rarer birds have also been spotted including ruffs, spragues, and pipits.

Lake Meredith is about an hour east of historic Pueblo, Colorado. So whether you book your vacation rental for the Colorado State Fair, Chili Festival, Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals, or Wild West Fest, take some time to enjoy the bountiful recreational opportunities of Lake Meredith.

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