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Lake Niegocin, Warmia-Masuria, Poland

Also known as: Niegocin Lake

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Map: Lake Niegocin, Warmia-Masuria, Poland

Located in an area dubbed "a land of a thousand lakes," Lake Niegocin is one of more than 2,000 lakes in the Masurian Lake District of northeastern Poland. Lake Niegocin is a freshwater lake formed from melted ice blocks when glaciers retreated. The Masurian Lakeland is a spectacular tourist area filled with lakes that are connected by navigable rivers and channels. Lake Niegocin, part of the Big Lakes Trail, is connected directly or indirectly to more than eight lakes (Lake Kisajno, Lake Tajty, Grajewko Lake, Nalk Duzy Lake, Nalk Maly Lake, Wonjo Lake, Boczne Lake, and Jogodne Lake). With scenic boat tours and aquatic activities, it is easy to see why Lake Niegocin holds great touristic value to Poland and the Masurian Lakeland.

With a depth reaching to nearly 128 feet, Lake Niegocin is home to a variety of fish species such as whitefish, pike, perch and pikeperch, roach, tench, crucian carp, bream and white bream, and smelt. You can spend the day on the lake boating, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and enjoying the scenic views. The landscape in the Masurian area is diversified with rocky valleys along steep-sided hills, troughs, and large synclines (sloped stratified rock) carved by prehistoric glaciers. In the early Middle Ages the area was blanketed by impassable woods that have shrunk substantially over the years due to human settlement. The most valuable areas of forest are protected by several landscape parks and one national park, and the Masurian area still has more wooded terrain, water and lakes than any other region in Poland.

The Piska Forest can be found in the Masurian area and is the second largest forest in Europe. The forest is covered with pine trees and a small mixture of birch, aspen, and oak. The Polish primeval forest was the perfect getaway hundreds of years ago for thugs and robbers who found a haven in the thick forest, among bogs and lakes. Today, however, the Piska Forest is full of enticing places such as the forester's lodge, home to Masurian cultural events including concerts, performances, and meetings with writers and poets. Lake Luknajno in the Piska Forest has a reserve that is one of the largest breeding grounds in Europe with species such as the mute swan. The forest is also home to white stork, their nests abundant in many villages, as well as elk and Polish horses that roam freely. Take the time to hike, bike, and view the wildlife in the forest.

At the northern port of Lake Niegocin is the bustling town of Gizycko. Absolutely brimming with history and recreational activities, Gizycko is known as "the summer capital of Poland." One of Gizycko's most valuable and historical attractions is the Boyen Fortress. The fortress is one of the best preserved monuments of 19th century Prussian-school fortification in Poland. Constructed between 1846 and 1855, the Boyen Fortress is complete with a dry moat and two-element gates with neo-gothic details. The fortress boasts that it was never conquered and now serves as a summer entertainment center. From castles to neo-classic churches, Gizycko provides every tourist with a taste of historic Poland. Spend the day on one of the many guided water tours and dine at a Polish restaurant, cafe, or pub. Take time to enjoy the night-long summer discos, music gigs, and performances on the shore of Lake Niegocin. Gizycko is a year-round vacationer's dream with horseback riding, fishing, camping, dining, ice boating, and plenty of hotels and holiday houses to accommodate all of your family and friends. Lake Niegocin suffered from high phosphorous levels that were brought to attention in the mid-1990s, but with a modernized wastewater treatment plant at Gizycko, the ecology of the lake has greatly improved.

Another attractive town near Lake Niegocin is Mikolajki known as "the Pearl of Masuria." The town has the busiest waterfront in the Masurian Lakeland. There are hundreds of colorful yachts, motor boats, and pleasure boats available for tourists to cruise on the nearby lakes. The town is well known for its lively Sailor's Village with many popular tavernas. The winter months bring visitors for the highly popular sport of ice-sailing.

Whether you're looking for real estate properties or vacation resorts, Lake Niegocin is an excellent place to be. There are many holiday cottages, shops, and eateries for everyone to enjoy.

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Lake Niegocin


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