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Lake Nocona, Texas, USA

Also known as: Farmer's Creek Reservoir, Nocona Lake

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Map: Lake Nocona, Texas, USA

Lake Nocona, also known as Farmer's Creek Reservoir, is located in the Prairies and Lakes region of Texas near the Oklahoma border. Managed by the North Montague County Water Supply District, Lake Nocona is formed by a dam on Farmer's Creek, nine miles northeast of Nocona. It was constructed for municipal, industrial, and mining purposes for north Texas, just south of the Oklahoma border.

Lake Nocona is a premiere bass fishing lake and is best known for its largemouth bass fishing from early spring through summer. Cast your line along the dam during early spring for big numbers and try beds of vegetation during the summer. Other fish in the lake include crappie, channel catfish, blue catfish, hybrid striped bass, sunfish, and white bass. Crappie, normally a small fish, are big in Lake Nocona and can usually be found around the many boat houses on the lake. Fishing for blues and channels is best in June when the main stream is flowing.

A private marina and several boat ramps, operated by the North Montague County Water Supply District, are located on Lake Nocona. The District's recreation areas offer free boat launch, restrooms, parking, courtesy docks, picnic areas, and camping. Handicap access is available at Joe Benton Park. If you're at Lake Nocona in July, Weldon Robb Park offers a free and spectacular July 4 fireworks display each year.

Other recreational activities at Lake Nocona include boating, paddling, sailing, hunting, and camping. Vacation rentals and lodging are also available in a number of towns around Nocona Lake, including Nocona, Wichita Falls, and Gainesville. Other towns close to the lake include Capps Corner, Illinois Bend, Bowie, and Spanish Fort. For some time off the lake, head to the two 18-hole golf courses in the area.

For some shopping, drive into Nocona, the Leathergoods Capital of North Texas. Known for leather boots, sports equipment, belts, and wallets, Nocona is recognized worldwide for leather making. Starting in fall and ending is spring, the "Nocona Nights" Winter Texas Music Series features some of the best musicians and artists in north Texas. Another big event in the area is the Lake Nocoma Sailboat Regatta in July.

Founded in 1887, Nocona was named after Peta Nocona a Comanche chief. It quickly became the economic and industrial center of north Texas as the railroad built lines passing directly through town. West of Nocona is Wichita Falls, home to the Hotter'N Hell Hundred bike race in August. The name comes from the fact that often the temperatures in August are over 100 degrees fahrenheit and the length of the race is 100 miles.

History abounds in the area with the Call Field Memorial Museum, a tribute to one of only five air bases in the United States during World War I. Other highlights in Wichita Falls include the Depot Square Antique District, Fire and Police Museum, Historic Holt Hotel, Kell House Museum, Wichita Falls Railroad Museum, Museum of North Texas History, and Memorial Auditorium built in the 1920's. A trip to Lake Nocona and Wichita Falls would not be complete without visiting the Littlest Sky Scraper, a 1919 real estate swindle of historic proportions.

With many small towns and mid-size cities close to Lake Nocona, it is the perfect place both for a short, relaxing visit or a permanent vacation for those looking to relocate.

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