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Lake Rescue, Vermont, USA

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Map: Lake Rescue, Vermont, USA

An early morning mist settles over Lake Rescue, a quiet Vermont lake, as a dog bounds through a dense barrier of trees along the shoreline. A tennis ball skitters into the water as the canine takes a stretching leap into the water, weaving its way through the mist while scenting the toy. The animal paddles back to shore, announcing its arrival with a spray of water droplets shook from its fur coat and a lolling tongue suggesting morning play time has just begun.

Both year round residents and annual vacationers are greeted with sights such as these any time of the year at Lake Rescue. This 180-acre lake, set in the southeastern portion of the state and in the Southern Windsor County tourism area, is filled with fish beneath its depths, sailboats atop its waters and real estate and vacation rentals along its relatively undeveloped shores.

A myriad of activity flourishes around the Lake Rescue area throughout the year. The Lake Rescue Association preserves the integrity of the lake's shimmering waters and pristine shoreline. Pop out of your lakeside retreat for a chilly swim in the heat of summer or recline on the shores and watch bright sailboats dance with the wind's current. As autumn encroaches, take out your binoculars and scan the forest as trees burst with vivid fall colors.

Anglers can find a multitude of fish in Lake Rescue, whose depths range from an average of 40 feet to a max of 90 feet. Those patient enough to snag the lake's rainbow trout, brown trout, pickerel or perch can fire up the grill that evening, pairing their catch with a slew of fresh in-season vegetables from the local farmer's market.

Lake Rescue's colorful shoreline may catch eyes in the fall but the man-made Red Bridge dam brings about an element of authenticity to the old lake. The dam, which was created in 1835 to generate water power and is now serviced by the Lake Rescue Association, sits between Lake Rescue and Pauline Lake, a much smaller body of water whose waters then flow south into Black River. Chattering children are seen on the picturesque Red Bridge in the summertime as they dangle their legs over the wooden edge, throwing rocks into the water below.

Dedicated birders will find Lake Rescue a rich paradise of birds during summer, when heat radiates off rocks or during winter, when multiple feet of snow piles atop logs. A quick view through your binoculars might reveal a white-breasted nuthatch sifting through leaves for seeds, a brown-headed cowbird tweeting on a nearby branch or a mourning dove cooing softly before taking off in flight. Picnic near the lake's loon nesting platform to spot rare loons during a quiet day away from other lake enthusiasts.

Less than 10 minutes south of Lake Rescue's shores is the town and village of Ludlow, Vermont. The quaint downtown area resides next to the winding Black River and has visitors and locals bustling about while searching for a quick bite to eat or buying the perfect sundress to wear for the next summer party. Skiing resorts are found close to the area for the winter lovers, making it easy to slide down a mountain slope in the morning and find a cup of hot cocoa in the evening.

State parks surround all sides of Lake Rescue's borders, including Coolidge State Park to the north and Okemo State Forest to the south. Miles of trails lead into the woods, making it possible to travel in solitude or with a group of friends through every season. Pass through the trees quietly and you might be rewarded with glimpses of wildlife, including barred owls, moose or black bears.

Lake Rescue meets the needs of everyone, from the creative artists looking for vacation rentals to create their next piece of fall art to the down-home family who wishes to find a place to settle into each night. Real estate property surrounds the lake, tucked away into the woods for both easy access and privacy. Check out of the city and into Lake Rescue's picturesque and undeveloped setting.

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