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Lake Royale, North Carolina, USA

Also known as: Lake Sagamore

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Map: Lake Royale, North Carolina, USA

Situated in the plains, valleys and gentle hills of North Carolina's Piedmont region is a private lake resort community called Lake Royale. As its name more than hints, Lake Royale gives its residents a year-round royal treatment of the best amenities and most delightful activities any community can offer. The 345-acre lake is a man-made creation that was constructed entirely for recreational usage. It all began when members of American Realty Corporation acquired land that was once part of the Seven Paths farming community. A dam was constructed on Cypress Creek to build a lake which was first called Lake Sagamore. In 1972, the enterprising company built a lodge and soon began selling property around the lake. But in 1977, the lake was transferred to National American Corporation who changed its name to Lake Royale.

Lake Royale's gated resort community includes 3,000 acres of property compactly surrounding the 11-mile lake shoreline. The Lake Royale's Property Owner's Association governs property laws of the community, codes and regulations and the maintenance of the water body itself which is fed by Cypress Creek and many springs. A handful of delegated committees within the association work to make Lake Royale an engaging, fulfilling and safe place for the families that live there. The recreation committee sponsors a host of events every year. Some of the items on the annual calendar are dances, holiday dinners, sport tournaments, steak nights, Easter egg hunt, ice cream social, beach parties exercise classes and even yoga classes. Special activities and events for children and teens are in abundance too, and there is a monthly community newsletter. Groups such as the Fifty-Plus Club and Girl Scouts offer ripe social and community bonding experiences. A Protect Our Lake Committee works with both scientific experts and the government to maintain and improve lake structure and water quality standards and is strongly committed to keeping Lake Royale healthy. The committee also focuses on educating Lake Royale residents about their lake resource and gives proactive suggestions about household and community practices that help keep the lake in prime condition.

The lake's inviting waters that scale a maximum depth of 40 feet support all manners of water sports. Jet skiing, boating, swimming and fishing are all allowed on Lake Royale, and lakefront property owners may build boat docks on the lake. For the ardent angler there are reportedly bass, catfish, sunfish, white perch, crappie, flier, bluegill, and pickerel fish in the lake. Two beaches, a swimming pool, and a kiddy pool provide ample swimming opportunities. Other sporting facilities in the community consist of a tennis court, miniature golf field, shuffleboard courts, horseshoe pits, and volleyball courts and give residents an assortment of options for stretching their limbs. The neighboring River Golf & Country Club provides an 18-hole course right in your backyard. Other facilities include a clubhouse and community center, picnic shelters and areas, boat ramps and docks, comfort centers, laundering facilities, dump stations and a Red Cross shelter. One particularly attractive feature of the community is its very own 24-hour Lake Royale Company Police service.

Although Lake Royale primarily serves year-round residents, it is also a great vacation spot. Short-term visitors have the option of renting a condominium with amenities such as golfing, tennis, swimming, water skiing and fishing. RV and camping lots are available for purchase, and there are camping grounds for visitors.

Lake Royale is considered part of Louisburg, the county seat of Franklin County, settled on the banks of the Tar River that used to carry tar-barges en route to the sea. Both Louisburg and Franklin County are historic names, commemorating the role Benjamin Franklin and King Louis XVI of France played in the American Revolution. A charming small town, Louisburg boasts a large number of homes that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, many of which were built in the 1700s and 1800s. Historic churches decorate the oak-lined promenade of Main Street, and two nature parks nestling Tar River (Joyner and Riverbend Parks) offer fishing and canoeing access, playground, picnic shelter, and nature trails. Several events and festivals are local attractions. The Annual Tar River BBQ Festival includes games, arts and crafts, rides, food, and live entertainment.

The Lake Royale area lies outside of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Triangle of North Carolina and less than 45 minutes from Rocky Mount. Lake Royale residents have easy access to buzzing business and commerce, state-of-the-art technology and research, diverse culture, entertainment and recreation. Placed in the center of North Carolina with easy access to metropolitan areas, the Lake Royale community has the best of both worlds.

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