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Lake Saint John, Louisiana, USA

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Map: Lake Saint John, Louisiana, USA

One of the hottest bass fishing lakes in Louisiana is Lake Saint John located in Concordia Parish. With stands of cypress trees lining its banks, this lake is as beautiful as it is fun. Classified as an oxbow lake, Lake Saint John was once part of the Mississippi River that was cut off from the main river by erosion. Over the years, as soil eroded and re-deposited, the water was cut off from and changed the course of the great river and is now a crescent shaped lake.

With several homes and camps built around its shores, real estate in Lake Saint John vicinity is in high demand. Homeowners enjoy their own private access to lake from their own docks. There are several public launches and marinas available to allow access for swimming, fishing, jet skiing, canoeing, and kayaking. Fishing is always great with huge populations of channel catfish, flathead catfish, blue catfish, largemouth bass, crappie and bluegill.

Lake Saint John makes a great base for exploring nearby attractions. The town of Ferriday is just 13 miles west of the Mississippi River and is the closest town to the lake. In Concordia Parish, residents enjoy the slow pace of southern living with the primary types of industry as agriculture, cuisine, oil and gas, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and tourism. In the tradition of small town southern living, visitors can experience old plantations, fried catfish, and pecan pies. Visitors and residents can enjoy a round of golf at the local country club. Wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities abound at nearby Three Rivers and Red River State Wildlife Management Areas, and Bayou Cocodrie National Refuge. Vacation rentals here include campgrounds, cabins, bed and breakfast and a variety of motels.

Located in the Crossroads region of tourism in Louisiana, this area is marked by the change in geography from the swampy bayous to pine covered hills and farms. This vast area includes numerous lakes, forests, and wildlife reserves marking it as an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Follow the Louisiana Culinary Trails to discover many eating establishments from local cafes to fine dining and the delicious range of spicy foods that gives Louisiana its nickname of the Gumbo State.

Beautiful sunsets, cypress shaded water, southern hospitality and culinary delights will make your trip to Lake Saint John a trip to remember.

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