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Lake Spokane, Washington, USA

Also known as: Long Lake

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Map: Lake Spokane, Washington, USA

Lake Spokane, a 24 mile long reservoir, is so named because of its close proximity to Spokane, Washington. However, some people call it Long Lake, after its dam, Long Lake Dam. The dam was built in a spot where the Spokane River makes a complete horseshoe bend and was completed in 1915. At that time Long Lake Dam had the distinction of being the tallest dam in the world. Today, it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places due to it previous architectural reign.

Lake Spokane offers many recreational opportunities at several private and state maintained resorts along its shores. The Riverside State Park is 10,000 acre park that offers year round recreational opportunities. With camping, swimming, and boating as water activities or trails for off-road vehicles, mountain bikes, and horseback riding, Riverside State Park offers something for everyone. In the winter, snowmobiling, cross country skiing and dog-sledding are offered along the many scenic trails.

The Lake Spokane area is rich in history. Two different sets of original prehistoric drawings have been discovered on large rocks are available for the public to view and are maintained by the Washington Department of Natural Resources with interpretative signs to provide additional information. Also nearby with an interpretive center and tours is a replica of the state's first fur-trading post which was originally built in 1810.

Lake Spokane is easily accessible at many public boat launches. Due to Lake Spokane's relative calm waters, sail boating and kayaking are also very popular. The reservoir holds its elevation throughout the summer but is typically drawn down in January. Fishermen will enjoy the year round fishing on Lake Spokane with plenty of largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, crappie, and bullhead catfish available.

Lake Spokane is also a popular place to settle with its close proximity to large towns and cities, amenities are just a short drive away. Waterfront property with your own private dock can be the most convenient and leisurely way to enjoy Lake Spokane's beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife.

Whether you visit in the warm months or the snowy months of winter, Lake Spokane is sure to offer you an exciting adventure.

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