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Lake Tobesofkee, Georgia, USA

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Map: Lake Tobesofkee, Georgia, USA

Colorful sailboats dot a watery landscape as bright splashes of reds, yellows and blues weave gently through the waters at Lake Tobesofkee. Boaters enjoy the wind whipping at their sails, taking them in and out of bright orange buoys. The lake helps keep up the pace for boating, fishing or beach fun with the family.

Set in the middle of Georgia's Historic Heartland tourism region, Lake Tobesofkee's cool waters were formed in the 1960s from two governing bodies. The lake was originally constructed as a flood control project between the Bibb County Commission and the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in 1963. The lake's dam on Tobesofkee Creek was finished in 1967 and the 1,800-acre body of water opened to the public in 1969, bringing eager water enthusiasts to its sandy beaches and shimmering waters.

Three parks are located at the east end of the lake (Arrowhead Park, Sandy Beach Park, and Claystone Park), giving vacationers a variety of options on where to set up camp or to find prime vacation rentals or real estate options. Picnic pavilions near white sandy beaches set the scene for a family-sized getaway in the summer, while RV spots may be more amenable for those adventuring out during Georgia's winter. Park your tent near the shoreline and listen to family ghost stories near a crackling fire or to the soft sound of water splashing gently against the shoreline.

Lake Tobesofkee's 35-mile shoreline gives vacationers the option to pick a serene spot away from the crowds or to mingle in the thick of it with other water-seekers. The heat of summer draws wakeboarders, water skiers and jet skiers into the lake's cooling embrace, and boat launch areas are spread throughout the lake. Easy going water lovers will enjoy paddling their canoes or kayaks away from the hubbub of activity to discover the serenity in watching fish dart among the depths below their oars.

Lake Tobesofkee is said to be one of the most popular fishing spots on a per-acre basis in the state of Georgia, especially for anglers who prefer to fish from the shore. This means anglers won't be bumping into each others' boats year round, especially as off season fishing can yield big catches. After finding the perfect fishing spot, anglers cast out their line in one of the lake's many fingers to snag a hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, crappie or channel catfish.

Finding a social scene in a city will prove immensely easy for those looking for a night away from Lake Tobesofkee's shores. The city of Macon, 10 miles east of the lake, is replete with year round activities for the romantic, the soloist, or the family gathering. Walk amidst beautiful cherry blossoms in March during the city's annual festival, wear your dancing shoes in summer for music acts, enjoy vibrant tree color in the fall, or sit snug in a warm theater to enjoy Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Ballet in December.

The same distance away from Lake Tobesofkee is the Ocmulgee National Monument, a 702-acre park dedicated to the history of the people in Southeastern North America. Allow the ancient historical site to seep into your bones by learning about the park's burial mounds and ceremonial earthlodges. For those wishing to meld history and hiking, over five miles of hiking trails will take you through hardwood forests and wetlands, proving to be a lush landscape for photographers, birders, wildlife watchers and anyone looking to enjoy nature.

Lake Tobesofkee is the year-round package for anyone looking to vacation or relocate in a temperate lakeside atmosphere. From hiking, fishing and swimming to kayaking, water skiing and sailboating, the lake brings a number of water-loving enthusiasts to its depths. Schedule a trip to visit this gem in Georgia's heartland today.

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