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Lake Tutira, North Island, New Zealand

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Map: Lake Tutira, North Island, New Zealand

Lake Tutira, located on New Zealand's North Island, is peaceful and scenic destination for nature lovers, especially bird watchers. The lake was declared a bird sanctuary in 1929 because of the many species of birds and waterfowl that nest in the area.

Anglers will also enjoy their time at Lake Tutira with its reputation for excellent trout fishing, namely rainbow trout, brown trout and tiger trout, which are stocked in the lake each year. Lake Tutira is one of only a few New Zealand lakes where Loch Leven can be caught. In an effort not to disturb nesting birds at the refuge, only row boats and kayaks can be used on the water.

Visitors and residents alike take advantage of the great swimming areas around the lake along with camping and picnic facilities. The Tutira Walkway is a five hour hike that will reward you with stunning views of the lake and Hawke's Bay area at the top of Table Mountain.

It is in the Hawke's Bay region where you will find a wide assortment of vacation rentals from chalets to cottages to resorts to fit all budgets for your visit to Lake Tutira. This large area has a varied landscape that includes coastlines, flat plains, hill country as well as mountainous terrain. Agriculture is important to the Hawke's Bay economy with plentiful sheep farming, beef farming, dairy farming, along with many fruits and vegetables that grown. Boasting to have the country's oldest winery, wine making is quite popular with many local vineyards and tasting stops throughout the area. The art deco architecture of the buildings has gained an international reputation that also attracts visitors.

While you are in the Hawke's Bay and Lake Tutira vicinity, take advantage of the great outdoors that is uniquely New Zealand. Four wheeling ATVs, or quad bikes as they are called in New Zealand, are a great way to explore the varied terrain in which you can do independently or guided group tours. Horseback riding expeditions are also available for the trails designed just for horses. Internationally famous golf courses, amusement parks, white water rafting, fly fishing, hiking trails, and mountain biking all are available to fill your adventurous side.

For the history buffs and culture seekers, Hawke's Bay and Lake Tutira area also offer museums, theatres, art studios, pottery shops, and historic monuments that wait to be explored and experienced. Local produce and wines combine to make regional cuisine a taste sensation to tempt your taste buds at cafes, restaurants, and fine dining establishments. Night life is exciting with bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Your stay at Lake Tutira and Hawke's Bay can be as active as you want or as peaceful and restful as you may choose, but it is all there waiting for you. Make plans to visit now!

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