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Lake Weohyakapka, Florida, USA

Also known as: Lake Walk-in-Water

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Map: Lake Weohyakapka, Florida, USA

In Polk County Florida lies a lake shrouded in a little bit of secrecy, known as Lake Weohyakapka. It is a quiet lake -- though getting more and more well-known by the year -- with waters that are filled with mostly darting fish and the avid anglers. Visitors come to learn about Lake Weohyakapka simply through word of mouth -- and the chance to snag a prized largemouth bass.

Lake Weohyakapka, commonly known as Lake Walk-in-Water, is a 7,528-acre lake, part of the Lower Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. The shallow body of water is a freshwater, spring-fed lake located in Florida's West Central tourism region. Tiger Creek flows into the lake from the southwest end, and Weohyakapka Creek flows from the north end of the lake, through forested floodplains, on into Lake Rosalie.

The wide, shallow depths at Lake Weohyakapka prove again and again to have a bountiful quantity of fish, bringing in eager anglers looking to find success in the water. Largemouth bass are the most plentiful fish in the lake, with anglers reporting 25 to 30 bass per day, many weighing upwards of eight pounds. Other fish skirting throughout the lake's average depth of five feet include crappie, bluegill, and shellcrakers.

Lake Weohyakapka's translucent waters are mostly due to the underdeveloped nature surrounding the lake. Cattail and bulrush plants sway gently during Florida's warm, breezy summers as fish swim swiftly through patches of hydrilla, searching out shad, glass minnows and grass shrimp for sustenance.

As the largest lake in Polk County, not only angler enthusiasts enjoy Lake Weohyakapka crystal waters. Bird enthusiasts can hop into a kayak or canoe, slowly and silently traveling the shoreline to find eagles and ospreys dining on fresh catches of the day. Wading birds can be seen nibbling on food during the day while other creatures, such as alligators, deer or turkeys, might be harder to spot.

A plethora of activities await anyone looking to retire close to Lake Weohyakapka. Real estate options abound in this Florida central location, where cities are only a short drive away. The City of Lake Wales is a quick 25-minute drive away where vacationers can visit a historic orange grove, dining on the succulent fruit while learning the history behind it all. Another way to enjoy the area's offerings is to visit the Historic Bok Sanctuary, where a giant marble tower sits among beautiful gardens featuring a colorful array of azaleas, camellias and magnolia blooms.

Hikers and campers can test their skills at Lake Wales Ridge State Forest, which rests directly southwest of Lake Weohyakapka. Make yourself a primitive home at the Randy Creek Primitive Campground, or take your pick of over 20 miles of hiking trails. Wind your way around the area and keep an eye out for the endangered plants and animals, such as the pygmy fringe tree or the scrub jay.

To the east of Lake Weohyakapka resides Lake Kissimmee State Park, where the large Lake Kissimmee meets a deep history of forest surroundings. Wildlife enthusiasts should keep their camera ready when hiking the 13 miles of hiking trails, as bobcats, bald eagles, grey foxes and fox squirrels may pop up at any time. The park is a horticulturists paradise, with vibrant fields of lotus, dense patches of delicate mosses and beautiful butterfly orchids.

Whether you're looking for real estate for retiring or are longing to vacation near the best bass fishing in Florida, Lake Weohyakapka meets the needs of many. Kayakers can enjoy the wide body of water for seeking out solitude while anglers can fish the lake for memories to last a lifetime. Visit this secluded lake for all sorts of enjoyment.

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