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Lake Wicwas, New Hampshire, USA

Also known as: Wickwas Lake

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Map: Lake Wicwas, New Hampshire, USA

With dozens of beautiful vistas to photograph, Lake Wicwas is nestled among three protected wildlife areas in central New Hampshire. The lake's surface area extends out over 328 acres, where shallow marshes blend into the landscape's mountainous background. Lake Wicwas, which is also known as Wickwas Lake, draws in visitors who are looking for year round adventures from hiking and camping to ice fishing and snowshoeing.

Due to its varied landscape and winding shoreline in Belknap County, Lake Wicwas is a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking and sailing. As a relatively shallow lake, with a median depth of 12 feet and a maximum depth of 35 feet, the water stays warm during New Hampshire's summer season. Slip into the lake via its public boat ramp along the southern tip and take the day to explore portions of the lake's shoreline, skirting around the four forested -- and private -- islands which dot the lake.

Anglers have quite a time year round at Lake Wicwas. Whether it's snagging a largemouth bass while ice fishing in the winter or reeling in pickerel in the summer, Lake Wicwas has plenty of fish to go around. Hornpout (brown bullhead), crappies, smallmouth bass and perch are a few other species lurking below the depths.

For those happier exploring the wilderness, pack up a backpack and tent during autumn and head into the trail systems in the Hamlin-Eames Recreation and Conservation Area just south of Lake Wicwas. This spot of forested area lights up brilliantly during fall when the leaves change their hue from green to golden yellow and red. There are 310 acres and miles of trails for hiking as well as for the adventuresome mountain biker and cross country skier. Keep your eyes opened for wildlife, as species are plentiful in this section of New Hampshire. Loons, herons, cormorants and ducks make their home at Lake Wicwas while mink, deer, moose, bear, beaver and muskrat house themselves deep in the forests nearby. Chemung State Forest, just east of the Hamlin-Eames Recreation Area, has no access to trails or camping and is mostly made up of forests and wetlands.

While sailboats, kayakers and anglers enjoy the quiet atmosphere at Lake Wicwas, powerboats also skim across the lake's surface with waterskiers, wakeboarders and tubers trailing behind them. Visitors are cautioned to move slowly in some sections of the lake, as there are shallow depths and narrow passages. In accordance with New Hampshire law, no skicraft, or jetskis, are allowed on the lake. The lake's dam, located along the eastern shore and built in 1957, regulates water levels and is owned by the Town of Meredith nearby. The outflow of water from the lake flows southbound into Winnisquam Lake, then into the WInnipesaukee River and ultimately ending in the Merrimack River.

The Town of Meredith is a 10 minute drive from the southern tip of Lake Wicwas, making it simple to leave the comfort of one of the vacation rentals within the area to find a social setting. Stop into the downtown area for a bite to eat or stroll through one of the many public parks throughout the city. For a change of pace, step into the area's doll and children museums. For a larger body of water to explore, check out Lake Winnepesaukee to the east, which takes up 44,586 acres.

Come to central New Hampshire's Lakes Region to explore more than just the islands, the marshes and the fish of Lake Wicwas. The area's landscapes are rich with forests and teeming with wildlife with a small town community just beckoning you to visit just a little bit longer. You may just find yourself exploring real estate opportunities for more permanent roots at Lake Wicwas.

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