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Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada

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Map: Lake Winnipegosis, Manitoba, Canada

Lake Winnipegosis is located in central Manitoba Province about 375 miles (by car) northwest of the major city of Winnipeg. It is one of the best outdoor natural lakes, almost completely encircled by wilderness. Lake Winnipegosis is 120 miles long and has a maximum width of 32 miles with an irregular shape. With an area of over 1,300,000 acres, Lake Winnipegosis is an outdoor utopia for visitors who seek the peace and quiet of a large, beautiful, mostly untouched lake. Villages around the lake include Camperville and Winnipegosis. The lake derives its name from the Native American word for 'little muddy waters.' Major inflow is from the Red Deer, Swan and Woody Rivers. Lake Winnipegosis drains through the Water Hen River into Lake Manitoba.

Prehistoric glacial Lake Agassiz is the genesis of Lake Winnipegosis, along with Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. Lake Winnipegosis is rumored to contain a dragon-like monster named "Winnipogo," similar to the famous Loch Ness monster, with a number of reported sightings over the years. Lake Manitoba is also rumored to have a serpentine sea creature named "Manipogo." Because both lakes share the same glacial origin, speculation over the years has focused on whether the lake monsters are the same or different creatures.

Fine rustic camping is a major enjoyment around the gorgeous waters of Lake Winnipegosis, but - most importantly - the Lake Winnipegosis area affords a fantastic 'hunting ground'. As one might expect on a lake surrounded by wilderness, hunting is a favorite sport with bear, duck, geese, moose, elk and deer avidly taken. Fishing is also great with large walleye being an angler's choice. Freshwater drum, northern pike, perch, sauger, rainbow and lake trout are there to be caught. Fishing is open year round except for posted areas, and ice fishing is a favorite activity both commercially and for visitors. Commercial fishing for walleye, sauger, perch and other top species is an important addition to the Manitoba Province economy.

Developed camping is available, mostly a number of private campgrounds with beaches and very pleasant campsites. One fine example is Winnipegosis Park Beach and Campground. The camping possibilities are endless and memorable. Wildlife viewing is a frequent activity, coupled with some trails for hiking. If you're lucky, you may see a few black bear, moose, or elk. The marshy areas of Lake Winnipegosis are home to large flocks of migrating birds, so 'birders' and hunters alike can have a field day.

Lake Winnipegosis is a spectacular setting in which to enjoy the rustic outdoors. A visitor will have few competitors for its natural, wilderness setting.

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