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Lazio Lakes A-Z

Lazio Lakes and Reservoirs

Lake Name Lake Summary
Lake Albano Lake Albano Pictures Also known as: Lago Albano, Lago di Castel Gandolfo
Sitting on the patio of the restaurant overlooking 472-acre Lake Albano with the week stretching in front of her, she can hardly believe she is finally ...
Lake Bolsena Lake Bolsena Pictures Also known as: Lago di Bolsena
Held in the volcanic crater like a jewel in its setting, 28,032-acre Lake Bolsena sparkles in central Italy. Over hundreds of thousands of years the ...
Lake Bracciano Lake Bracciano Pictures Also known as: Lago di Bracciano
Flocks of sailboats glide across the surface of Lake Bracciano in the Lazio region of Italy. The sails, ranging from pristine white to bright colors ...
Lake Nemi Lake Nemi Pictures Also known as: Lago di Nemi
As small and sweet as the wild strawberries that crowd its hillsides, 410-acre Lake Nemi is a hidden jewel tucked away in the Alban Hills. Treasured for ...
Lake Vico Lake Vico Pictures Also known as: Lago di Vico
Legends say that Lake Vico was created when Hercules thrust his club into the earth. When he removed it, a stream filled the depression with water creating ...
Sabaudia Lake Sabaudia Lake Pictures Also known as: Paola Lake, Lago di Sabaudia
Italy's Sabaudia Lake has plenty of friendly neighbors, from a city to the north, a national park to the south and the cool, coastal breeze from the sea, ...


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