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Lewis Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Lewis Lake, Minnesota, USA

Deep within eastern Minnesota's wilderness sits an enticing body of water known as Lewis Lake. This body of water was naturally formed from the most recent glacial lobe, the Des Moines Lobe, and has an average depth of 16 feet. With a surface area of 178 acres and a maximum depth of 48 feet, visitors at Lewis Lake take part in a slew of recreational activities like boating, water skiing and wake boarding.

Lewis Lake is characterized by three miles of pristine shoreline, ideal for fishing and swimming. The lake's volume measures in at 2,899 acre-feet, and its drainage area is roughly seven times larger than the actual size of the lake.

Lewis Lake is situated in Kanebec County, a province named after the Ojibwe term "Kanabecosippi." This word translates to "Snake River," after the brawny Snake River that offers phenomenal canoeing and kayaking trails. When water levels are high, its upper section is perfect for white water rafting. These irresistible class II-IV rapids are sure to challenge even the most courageous adventurers. Also nearby, the Snake River State Forest offers hiking, off-highway motorcycling and snowmobiling pathways. During the summer, you can traverse over six miles of class I and class II ATV trails.

Walleye fingerlings are stocked at Lewis Lake every two to three years, in the hopes of raising average catch rates to 2.5 per gillnet. Northern pike are also available, as are yellow perch and bluegill - two species that are present in smaller quantities. Anglers can expect to find black crappie averaging roughly seven inches, and largemouth bass measuring anywhere between seven and 19 inches.

The Cranberry Wildlife Management Area can be found just a few miles south of Lewis Lake. Blankets of stunning oak, basswood and aspen trees dominate this forested landscape, while wading birds inhabit the park's three restored wetland pools. Birders have a decent chance of spotting black and common terns along the eastern front of Lory Lake, and hunters can roam the 317-acre refuge in search of deer, bear and a number of forest game birds.

North of Lewis Lake, you'll encounter the second largest body of water in Minnesota: Mille Lacs Lake. While you're there, climb the 100-foot observation tower at Mille Lacs Kathio State Park to glimpse some of the area's prolific wildlife species - such as eagles, waterfowl, osprey, loons, beaver and coyote. Facilities include picnic areas, fire pits, restrooms, and vending machines. The park's swimming beach and playground keep children of all ages engaged, while three nearby golf courses and archery ranges entertain the adults.

Adjacent to Lewis Lake, the Stanchfield Brook serves as an outlet by allowing water to flow into the Rum River. This rushing river runs for 145 miles from Lake Mille Lacs all the way to the Mississippi River. It is surrounded by the 40,605-acre Rum River State Forest, and provides leisurely class I and II rapids for white water rafting. Picture yourself gently bobbing along as the scenery changes from marshes to fields, then to hardwood forests and back to wetlands.

Other protected zones near Lake Lewis include the Tosher Creek State Wildlife Management Area (and Fish Lake) to the north; and Rice Creek State Wildlife Management Area to the east.

With so many activities and places to visit, it would take ages to see and do everything that Lewis Lake has to offer - it comes as no surprise that numerous real estate properties and vacation rentals are available for people who would like to try it all. Come discover the secrets of Lewis Lake, and allow yourself to be completely seduced by its silence and its splendor.

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