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Little Boy Lake, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Little Boy Lake, Minnesota, USA

Paradise comes at very little cost while guests look upon Little Boy Lake's shimmering waters in northern Minnesota. This 1,372-acre lake is moments away from the secluded pine forests of the Chippewa National Forest or the family-oriented, energetic city of Longville. Visitors flock to the area year round to enjoy mountain biking, hiking and tubing in warmer weather, and then come back to snowshoe and ice fish in the winter.

With a shoreline of 10 miles, lake enthusiasts have their pick of resorts or private lakeside vacation rentals. Bound down the steps leading to a dock where canoes and kayaks wait for your enjoyment. Paddle through the waters any time of the day to spot birds flying overhead or anglers dipping their lines into the water.

Little Boy Lake is known for being a clear lake, with an average depth of 24 feet and a maximum depth of 74 feet. Anglers visit the area for a shot at record muskie, along with walleye and northern pike, for which it is known best. Largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, black crappie and yellow perch also dart beneath the depths.

Anglers typically take up the lake in the early morning and evening, which leaves plenty of the day left for other recreation. Skimming over the water on waterskis or a wakeboard in the hot part of the day is just one perk for energy enthusiasts. Boats zigzag across the lake with laughing children on a tube, passing by families barbecuing and playing horseshoes along the shoreline.

Little Boy Lake rests in Cass County, Minnesota's Northwest tourism region, and resides a mere two miles south of the city of Longville. The lake has two inlets and one outlet, and water passes through a channel from Wabego Lake to the south. The area where Little Boy Lake resides is chock full of small and large bodies of water.

The city of Longville boasts a variety of unique activities to keep locals and visitors coming back every year. During the summer, parents crouch down at the starting line with their kids for the annual turtle races, which have gone on for the past 38 years. Winter brings out more of the fun, competitive spirit with ice bocce and ice golfing atop the ice-packed lakes.

A few miles to the north of Little Boy Lake is the Chippewa National Forest, where those looking to escape the excitement of the city will find complete solitude. Over 1.5 million acres of land are devoted to maintaining lakes, wetlands, and pine forests for hikers, berry-pickers, anglers and wildlife watchers. Wild ferns and orchids adorn the forest floor as bald eagles and ospreys cast quick shadows during their flight above the treeline. Tuck yourself away in one of the hundreds of camping sites in the forest, and wake up to the sound of birds chirping as the sun rises each morning.

Back at Little Boy Lake, visitors sit out in the evening, listening as crickets chirp while the rest of the world fades into darkness. Ducks, geese and loons, which are mainstays at the lake, settle down for the night while bald eagles perch atop tree limbs and watch for any activity below. During the daytime, visitors can catch glimpses of the wildlife, along with a few black bears roaming about in the spring time.

Whether it means settling down and finding the perfect real estate opportunity, or vacationing in a lakeside cabin rental for a week in the summer, Little Boy Lake offers a little something for everyone. If you really want to experience the lake from a different perspective, you have the ability to take a plane ride over the area. For those who wish to keep closer to the water, rent a hydrobike and graze across the lake's surface. With a lively town and a solitary forest nearby, there's not much left to wish for when visiting Little Boy Lake.

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