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Long Lake, Ontario, Canada

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Map: Long Lake, Ontario, Canada

Long Lake is a sparkling 235-acre recreational lake located in the North Kawartha region of Ontario, Canada. Aptly named Long Lake for its long and narrow shoreline, the lake is deep enough in places for trout and walleye and shallow enough in the many small tucked away bays to provide an excellent habitat for bass. The numerous surrounding lakes and streams also make this lake ideal for canoe enthusiasts.

For anglers, the waters of Long Lake are clean and deep (up to 80 feet), supporting natural and stocked populations of speckled trout, lake trout, rainbow trout, as well as large and smallmouth bass. Long Lake and the surrounding lakes are especially noted for their bass fishing.

The landscape around Long Lake consists mostly of dense forest and undisturbed lakes and ponds. Although secluded, all types of vacation rentals are available, from fishing and hunting resorts to bed-and-breakfast establishments, private cottages and a few scattered lakeshore homes. The towns around Long Lake offer campgrounds, motels, condos and other lodgings. Real estate is also available in this pristine wilderness setting.

The North Kawartha region is paradise for those who just want to get away from it all. With its pine-covered shores and occasional pink granite outcroppings, Long Lake offers visitors year round peace and tranquility. Located on the edge of Canada's snow belt, the seasonal changes are quite dramatic. In the spring, the forests come alive with color almost overnight. During the summer, you can find bays where the lake temperature is very swimmable. Autumn can provide some of the most spectacular scenery as the deep blue of the water contrasts with the brilliant yellows, reds, and golds of the leaves. In the winter months, visitors to Long Lake can enjoy ice fishing and miles of snowmobile, and cross country ski trails.

Naturalists will enjoy the unspoiled wildness of the area. Long Lake is surrounded by hundreds of smaller lakes that see very few visitors. Some of these lakes can be driven to, but the majority require an all terrain vehicle. Of course, walking is always an option. With many photo opportunities around the lake, hiking and exploring the area is a must. Wildlife in the area includes bear, deer, moose, and beaver.

Visitors to Long Lake can enjoy a number of nearby attractions. Famous for its dramatic and varied landscape, there are many opportunties in the area for fishing, boating, canoeing and swimming. Algonquin Provincial Park and the Gut Conservation Area have excellent hiking trails and campsites which are also good locations for bird watching. For campers, the sound of the loons each evening will lull you to sleep. The Gut derives its name from a 100-foot high and 754-foot long gorge that the Crowe River runs through. Spanning 4,800 square miles, Algonquin Provincial Park was established to develop a wildlife sanctuary. It soon became popular with outdoor enthusiasts and canoeists because of its beautiful lakes, forests, bogs, rivers, cliffs and beaches. A short drive south of Long Lake brings you to Petroglyphs Provincial Park which has the largest known concentration of aboriginal rock carvings in Canada. You can also hike the trails meandering through surrounding forests.

Just 35 miles north of Long Lake, sits Peterborough, the largest city in the region. Peterborough has all the usual city amenities to include restaurants, cinemas, a zoo, parks and museums. For golfers, there are several world class golf courses within a short drive of the city.

A vast landscape of maple-covered hills, rocky ridges, spruce bogs, and many lakes, ponds, and streams await those who seek the rugged beauty of Long Lake. You can canoe, kayak, take a leisurely hike and discover some of the smaller lakes in the area or just sit back and enjoy the solitude. Take a drive around the scenic area, go sightseeing, shopping or visit a museum. No matter what time of year you plan your vacation, it's the perfect time to curl up in front of an evening fire and listen to the call of the loons.

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