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Lough Currane, Ireland

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Map: Lough Currane, Ireland

Lough Currane is a pristine body of water located in County Kerry, the heart of Ireland's lush South West tourism region. The province is best known for its beautiful rugged coastlines and fascinating archeological sites. Lough Currane features an average depth of 15 feet and a maximum depth of 110 feet; it is connected to Lough Isknagahiny (also known as Capal Lake) via 1.5 miles of the Capal River.

Surrounded by mountain countryside and spruce trees, Lough Currane is one of the largest on the Cummeragh River - an important spawning place for salmon. The lake features a surface area of 2,570 acres and an elevation of 13 feet above sea level.

Best known for its legendary fishing opportunities, dedicated anglers fish Lough Currane for feisty brown trout (averaging 3/4 of a pound) and wild salmon (averaging 14 pounds). Stretching four miles long and two miles wide, the lake is also home to significant grilse salmon populations. Roughly 90% of all sea trout caught in Ireland come from this abundant lake.

Fly fishing and trolling are the most common methods of fishing Lough Currane, and prime months are between April and September. Double handed rods, floating lines and strong leaders are highly recommended. Many anglers hire a "ghillie" assistant to hold the boat near shallow rocks. Because the fishery is state run, game fishing is always free of charge.

In the center of Lough Currane you'll find Church Island, which is only accessible by boat. The island is home to a stunning 12th century monastic church, and its views are particularly breathtaking when the lake is steeped in mist. Canoeing and kayaking are the best methods of reaching Church Island.

Another interesting attraction at Lough Currane is Submerged Castle on the southern shore, which can be seen from the road when water levels are low. On the lake's western coast you'll also find the horseshoe-shaped Beenbane Fort and a series of thick beehive-shaped huts.

Golfing, hiking, and cycling are the most popular land activities near Lough Currane. Water opportunities like wake boarding, water skiing and swimming provide more exciting recreation. Additionally, Killarney National Park - the first national park established in Ireland - makes for a great day trip. There you'll find the historic Muckross House and Gardens, along with 25,293 acres of protected rivers, lakes and hill walking trails. If you have time, check out Balinskellings Bay, another popular nearby getaway.

Several birding and wildlife watching trails are available around Lough Currane, one of the most notable being the 12-mile trail to Sneem. Perfect for both horseback riding and hill walking, it starts with a rocky trek to Windy Gap and traverses the eastern side of Eagle Hill. The first part of the journey culminates with spectacular vistas of the Cork Mountains, Cove Harbour and Kenmare Bay.

The trail then meanders past antique copper mills from the early 20th century, various caves, and rich farmland. Next, you'll pass by St. Crohan's Well, which according to local folklore has curative properties, particularly for eye disorders. After passing by dilapidated churches and historic graveyards, the path features a mile-long detour to Staigue Fort, a structure thought to date back to 500 B.C. With walls up to 20 feet high and 13 feet thick, this construction is nothing short of astounding.

Also near Lough Currane lies the city of Waterville, which translates to "little whirlpool." Here you'll enjoy incredible locally caught seafood and one of the best championship golf courses in the country. Area hikes include the Ballagh Oisin Pass and the Loher Coastal Walk. For mountain bikers, the Ring of Kerry Cycle Route is a must-see. Paths lead through various towns and back roads; elevations vary from 150 to 820 feet above sea level, and trails are between 13 and 26 miles in length.

With so much natural beauty surrounding Lough Currane, it is no wonder the lake has attracted big name celebrities like Charlie Chaplain, Tiger Woods and Mark O'Meara. There are plenty of real estate properties, Irish holiday cottages and apartment rentals available in the area. Many villa options offer peaceful gardens, sun lounges and stunning ocean or lakeside views. Many people come for a visit and stay for a lifetime; it's hard not to lose yourself in the vast, lush landscapes that are Ireland.

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