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Lough Mask, Ireland

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Map: Lough Mask, Ireland

The picturesque Lough Mask is situated to the north of Lough Corrib in West Ireland. The clear blue waters of Lough Corrib magnify the surrounding area. Known as a limestone lake, the 20,000 acres of Lough Mask are crystal clear providing excellent habitat for the areas well known brown trout. Although Lough Mask is well known as a fishing lake, it is also popular among other vacation goes who enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Visitor many take pleasure in many recreational activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, bird watching and fishing.

Lough Mask offers excellent fishing which encourages many different methods of bringing in a catch. Anglers may catch fish from their boats or from the shore. Fly fishing is very popular and at the right time of year anglers may find school children along the shores selling Mayflies as a way to earn some pocket money. The school children take a whole week off from school for just this occasion. Although Lough Mask is best known for its brown trout, large ferox trout that normally weighs over 10 pound are also found in the water. Since Lough Mask is full of massive reefs lying just under the surface in parts of the lake, anglers new to Lough Mask may want to hire a local fishing guide to help steer clear of underwater hazards.

After an exciting day of fishing, anglers and vacation goes may find lodging along the shores of Lough Mask or in nearby towns. There are a few bread and breakfast type lodges as well as a few vacation rentals available, where visitors can enjoy lake views while relaxing on a quiet deck. For those who like a bit more excitement may enjoy staying in one of the nearby fishing towns such as Ballinrobe known as a major angling centre, and Cushlogh which offers a large parking lot, public toilets, and guest houses. Public accesses can be found in many places around Lough Mask. Local permission is required at some locations and anglers should check prior to lunching their watercraft.

Sightseers may want to take some time to visit local attractions. On the eastern shores of Lough Mask visitors will find the Lough Mask House, which was the residence of Captain Charles Boycott during the last quarter of the 19th century. Captain Boycott was an English landlord who was harsh to his Irish tenants, so much so that in 1880 his tenants decided not to work for him anymore starting what we now call a Boycott. After this revolt, Captain Boycott retreated to England. The home is now a visual reminder of this incident and can be viewed along with its surrounding park. Nearby in the town of Cong adventurous sightseers will find several caves. The Pigeon Hole is a very accessible cave with stone steps leading to the entrance. While in the cave, visitors will spot many stalactites and stalagmites.

Visitors of Lough Mask may want to include a short drive to the city of Galway in their vacation plans. This historic city offers some fine dining, as well as pubs, and excellent shopping. The nearby town of Oughterard is another place worth visiting. It is here that anglers swap their fishing stories as they enjoy some beer at local pubs.

Lough Mask will delight vacation goes of all ages. Families can take pleasure in rugged hikes while anglers enjoy reeling in large trout. The beauty and serene atmosphere will enchant its visitors making them wish for a speedy return.

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