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Here are the 11 lakes we have listed within USA > South > Louisiana - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Lake Pontchartrain
(Louisiana, USA)
403,200 Lake Pontchartrain Pictures Lake Pontchartrain Message Forums Lake Pontchartrain technically isn't a lake at all. In scientific circles, it's referred to as an estuary. That's really just a fancy way to say that it's a coastal body of water that either has an open connection, or is somehow connected to a sea. Lake Pontchartrain is bound by land, but one side ...
Toledo Bend Reservoir
(Louisiana, USA / Texas, USA)
181,600 Toledo Bend Reservoir Pictures Also known as: Toledo Bend Lake
A grand experience is assured in visiting Toledo Bend Reservoir, renowned as the largest man-made aquatic body in the southern United States. Cradled on the Sabine River between Texas and Louisiana, the lake meanders along for 65 miles and occupies a refreshing 1200 miles of shoreline. This extravagant ...
Caddo Lake
(Louisiana, USA / Texas, USA)
26,810 Caddo Lake Pictures Caddo Lake covers an impressive 26,800 acres and straddles the border of Texas and Louisiana. The lake is a maze of interconnected waterways, heavily forested bayous, sloughs, ox-bows, channels, islands, and cypress thickets. While the Louisiana side of the lake is open and expansive with depths of ...
Bayou D'Arbonne Lake
(Louisiana, USA)
15,250 Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Pictures Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake D'Arbonne
Bayou D'Arbonne Lake covers 15,250 acres in northern Louisiana's Sportsman's Paradise tourism region, near the Arkansas and Mississippi borders. Fed mainly by Bayou D'Arbonne, the lake's primary recreational activities are fishing, swimming, canoeing and kayaking. Roughly 80% of Bayou D'Arbonne Lake ...
Felsenthal Lock and Dam
(Arkansas, USA / Louisiana, USA)
15,000 Felsenthal Lock and Dam Message Forums Also known as: Lack Jack Lee
The Felsenthal Lock and Dam, also known as Lake Jack Lee, is located in South Central Arkansas at the confluence of the Ouachita and Saline Rivers. A small portion of the 15,000-acre lake is located in the state of Louisiana, and the rest is sprawled across Arkansas' Ashley, Bradley, and Union Counties. ...
Lac Des Allemands
(Louisiana, USA)
12,000 Lac Des Allemands Pictures Lac Des Allemands Message Forums Lac Des Allemands is a natural 12,000-acre lake located about 25 miles west of New Orleans. The lake name is French for Lake of the Germans, referring to the early settlers who inhabited this area of Louisiana's Mississippi Delta region. Lac Des Allemands is located mostly in Saint John the Baptist ...
Cross Lake
(Louisiana, USA)
8,575 Cross Lake Pictures Cross Lake is a popular fishing and boating lake near Shreveport in Northwest Louisiana. The 8,575 acre freshwater reservoir supplies water to the city of Shreveport. Cross Lake is partially surrounded by forest land and wetlands, with the rest of the shoreline being rapidly developed for residential ...
Lake Claiborne
(Louisiana, USA)
6,400 Lake Claiborne Pictures Lake Claiborne is well known as the "Best Kept Secret in Louisiana." Also referred to as Louisiana's purest lake, the quality of the water makes Lake Claiborne the best that Northern Louisiana has to offer. Beautiful flowers and trees or vibrant autumn leaves never fail to greet eager visitors. Lake ...
Lake Kincaid
(Louisiana, USA)
2,600 Lake Kincaid Pictures Lake Kincaid Message Forums Also known as: Kincaid Reservoir or Kincaid Lake
In the Crossroads region of Louisiana, the bayous, wetlands, pine-covered hills and farms meet. So too do the diversity of Cajun, Anglo, French, Creole, African, Native American, and Spanish influences melt together, making here a dynamic region. Kincaid Reservoir lies among over 600,000 acres of ...
Lake Saint John
(Louisiana, USA)
2,175 Lake Saint John Message Forums One of the hottest bass fishing lakes in Louisiana is Lake Saint John located in Concordia Parish. With stands of cypress trees lining its banks, this lake is as beautiful as it is fun. Classified as an oxbow lake, Lake Saint John was once part of the Mississippi River that was cut off from the main ...
Black River Lake and Cocodrie Lake
(Louisiana, USA)
1,792 Black River Lake and Cocodrie Lake Pictures Black River Lake and Cocodrie Lake Message Forums Also known as: Cocodrie Lake Complex
The Cocodrie Lake Complex, consisting of Black River Lake and Cocodrie Lake, is one of those places that could only exist in the delta lands of the mighty Mississippi. Changes in the flow of the Mississippi and its tributaries created a large number of oxbow lakes, bayous and lowlands prone to flooding ...
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