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Lovell Lake, New Hampshire, USA

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Map: Lovell Lake, New Hampshire, USA

Surrounded by a plenitude of forest pine, fir, elm, beech, and oak trees, this clear water lake is located in beautiful New Hampshire. Occupying the Lakes Region in the state's southeastern corner, Lovell Lake is one of many bodies of water in the region offering retreat during New England's glorious summers. In winter, the blankets of snow that characterize the American northeast wrap the lake in sheets of ice and powdered white, creating scenes of grace and beauty.

Long and narrow, Lovell Lake's 554 surface acres attract all kinds of boaters. Waterskiing, wakeboarding and tubing are popular power boat activities, but you will also find sailors, canoeists and kayakers cutting the glassy water. Spring-fed with rocky bottoms, the lake carries smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, chain pickerel, hornpout, white perch and walleye and attracts anglers from near and far.

Lovell Lake's six-mile shoreline is highly developed with waterfront homes. Year-round real estate and vacation rentals are plenty and offer bliss in an enticing range of cozy, rustic cabins and spacious, luxurious homes. When fall rolls around, you will be awed by the trees' sudden burst of brilliance, decked in red, orange and yellow glory as they prepare for winter. New England's fall foliage offers picturesque, painterly scenes that will leave you astounded.

Water levels on Lovell Lake fluctuate throughout the seasons, affected by precipitation and snowmelt. After autumn's Columbus Day festivities, stop logs are removed from the dam, which produces a fall drawdown of three feet. The lake begins to refill in early winter and reaches full pond after ice-out. By and throughout the summer, the lake is at full pond.

Lovell Lake is located entirely within the town of Wakefield, which consists of four villages: Sanbornville, North Wakefield, East Wakefield, and Union Village. The town, incorporated in 1774, has preserved the mark of its British colonialists while evolving to modern times. Quaint and charming, it has a series of landmarks listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Biking, snowmobiling and hiking trails crisscross the area, making Wakefield a prime spot for nature enthusiasts. There is a town beach in Sanbornville on the west end of Lovell Lake. The White Mountain Highway (New Hampshire Route 16), which runs past Wakefield, leads into the astounding White Mountains of New Hampshire, a whole other world of splendor and adventure. Art galleries in nearby towns feature remarkable artwork and golfers have the option of taking off to one of the golf courses in the region.

The area is simply sublime and you won't be disappointed with your options for enjoyment. Imagine the satisfaction you will feel after a day of patient fishing or hard kayaking on Lovell Lake. You relax in a place that truly feels like home, listening to the mysterious wails and tremolos of New Hampshire's loons.

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