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Here are the 53 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Maine - compared by Highest Altitude/Elevation.

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Lake Name Elevation in feet Lake Description
Rangeley Lakes
(Maine, USA)
1,520 Rangeley Lakes Pictures Rangeley Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Umbagog Lake, Aziscohos Lake, Mooselookmeguntic Lake,Rangeley Lake, Upper Richardson Lake, Lower Richardson Lake, Cupsuptic Lake, Aziscoos Lake (historic), Sawyer Lake (historic)
Nothing represents the outdoor largesse of Maine's Lakes and Mountains region better than the six pristine Rangeley Lakes. These natural lakes sprawl beneath famed 4,120-foot Saddleback Mountain along the Androscoggin River drainage. Several dams, built between 1850 and 1920, have enlarged and stabilized ...
Rangeley Lake
(Maine, USA)
1,518 Rangeley Lake Pictures Rangeley Lake is part of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine. The lake covers about 6,000 acres at an elevation of 1,518 feet. Its maximum depth is about 149 feet with an average depth of about 95 feet. Rangeley Lake is a major headwater lake of the Androscoggin watershed. Rangeley Lake ...
Mooselookmeguntic Lake
(Maine, USA)
1,467 Mooselookmeguntic Lake Pictures Also known as: Rangeley Lakes
Mooselookmeguntic Lake is part of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine, straddling the borders of Franklin and Oxford Counties. The lake is part of the Androscoggin River watershed and drains into Upper Richardson Lake, which is separated from Mooselookmeguntic Lake by the Upper Dam. Prior ...
Umbagog Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
1,245 Umbagog Lake Pictures Also known as: Rangeley Lakes
Umbagog Lake straddles about 11 miles of the Maine-New Hampshire border. This 7,850-acre lake lies partly in the Rangeley Lakes region of western Maine and partly in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire. Umbagog, pronounced um-BAY-gog, is said to derive from the Abenaki (Native ...
Moosehead Lake
(Maine, USA)
1,029 Moosehead Lake Pictures Moosehead Lake, nestled in the Longfellow Mountains in the Maine Highlands Region, is the largest lake in Maine. It has an elevation of 1,023 feet, boasts nearly 300 miles of shoreline, covers an impressive 120 square miles (about 75,000 acres) and stretches 40 miles long by 10 miles wide. Moosehead ...
Munsungan Lake
(Maine, USA)
811 Munsungan Lake Pictures Munsungan Lake Message Forums At Munsungan Lake, visitors return to an environment not seen in the past hundred years. Located in the Maine North Woods, a wilderness crisscrossed only by logging roads, 1600-acre Munsungan Lake invites arrivals to experience a 19th-century 'fish camp' set among rugged hills, endless forests and clear, ...
Fish River Chain of Lakes
(Maine, USA)
575 Fish River Chain of Lakes Pictures Fish River Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Portage Lake, Fish River Lake, Saint Froid Lake, Eagle Lake, Cross lake, Mud Lake, Square Lake, Long Lake
For big-lake fishing, Aroostook County's Fish River Chain of Lakes is the destination of choice. Home of Maine's best landlocked salmon fishery, the lakes are somewhat remote, located near the border of New Brunswick, Canada. The eight natural lakes are undammed, making this ideal trout and salmon breeding ...
Great East Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
571 Great East Lake Pictures Great East Lake is a paradise for anyone who enjoys a relaxing time. With over 1700 acres of water and 12 miles of shoreline, Great East Lake is known for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife. Regarded for its cleanliness, Great East Lake supports a large ecosystem of waterfowl, otters, turtles, ...
Clearwater Lake
(Maine, USA)
561 Clearwater Lake Pictures Clearwater Lake Message Forums Also known as: Clearwater Pond
Clearwater Lake, also known as Clearwater Pond, is a natural lake tucked away in the woods of Maine's Lakes and Mountains Region. With almost 800 acres of water, anglers and boaters will find more than enough room to share. In the summer, Clearwater Pond is a great place to swim, and winter brings ...
Millinocket Lake
(Maine, USA)
505 Millinocket Lake Pictures Millinocket Lake Message Forums Nestled within the Maine Highlands tourism region, Millinocket Lake is known for its stunning views of Mount Katahdin, the tallest mountain peak in Maine. Millinocket Lake is a freshwater reservoir used for drinking water, flood control, hydroelectric power and recreation. It also provides a natural ...
South Twin Lake
(Maine, USA)
492 South Twin Lake Pictures South Twin Lake is part of the splendid Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes which includes four other lakes (North Twin, Ambajejus, Elbow, and Pemadumcook Lakes). The lake system is in the Highlands region of central Maine in the midst of some of the most picturesque nature scenes of New England. The five ...
Meduxnekeag Lake
(Maine, USA)
484 Meduxnekeag Lake Pictures Meduxnekeag Lake Message Forums Also known as: Drews Lake, Drew's Lake
For the perfect Northern Maine hideaway, there's nothing better than Meduxnekeag Lake in Aroostook County. Also called Drew's Lake, Meduxnekeag was created in 1947 when a small dam was built across the headwaters of the Meduxnekeag River. The resulting impoundment is 1,144 acres of inviting water, ...
Province Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
480 Province Lake Pictures Province Lake Message Forums A quick swish and the golf club slices through the air sending the ball down the green along Province Lake. The lake, covering almost a thousand acres, is in the Lakes region of New Hampshire and extends into the Lakes and Mountains region of Maine. People have been coming to play golf on the lake's ...
Mousam Lake
(Maine, USA)
476 Mousam Lake Pictures Mousam Lake Message Forums Also known as: Upper Mousam Lake, Lower Mousam Lake, and Lake Mousam
The loons are calling you to the restful waters of Mousam Lake, a picture-perfect retreat nestled among southern Maine's piney woods. Just 85 miles from Boston, this three-mile-long lake is nestled between the quaint communities of Acton and Shapleigh near the New Hampshire border. Located in historic ...
Lake Wassookeag
(Maine, USA)
433 Lake Wassookeag Pictures Lake Wassookeag Message Forums Also known as: Dexter Pond
Lake Wassookeag, also known as Dexter Pond, spans 1,030 acres in the Maine Highlands tourism region, about 40 miles northwest of Bangor. Its name is derived from the Penobscot Native American word for "shining water." Although Lake Wassookeag is best known for outdoor recreation, it also serves to control ...
Pleasant Lake
(Maine, USA)
427 Pleasant Lake Message Forums Pleasant Lake is a glacial ribbon lake oriented in a north-to-south direction, with a surface area of 1,332 acres and a surface elevation of 427 feet. The Greater Bridgton Lakes Region, an area of western Maine known for some of the most beautiful and cleanest bodies of water and the best brown trout ...
Highland Lake (Bridgton)
(Maine, USA)
426 Highland Lake (Bridgton) Message Forums Also known as: Crotched Pond
Located in the Lakes and Mountains Region of Southwestern Maine, Highland Lake has long been a favored freshwater getaway. Once called Crotched Pond, the lake has spent several generations perfecting the art of making visitors happy. The Greater Bridgton Lakes area around Highland Lake acts as hub for ...
Schoodic Lake
(Maine, USA)
423 Schoodic Lake Pictures Schoodic Lake Message Forums One of the large lakes in the Maine Highlands region, Schoodic Lake has managed to stay off the recreation radar of many Maine vacationers. Only an hour and a half from Bangor, limited public access appears to be the main reason that the lake receives few visitors. Two boat ramps provide the only means ...
Embden Pond
(Maine, USA)
415 Embden Pond Message Forums Also known as: Embden Lake
When you arrive at Embden Pond, you have arrived at an outdoors enthusiast's paradise. The clear waters of Embden Pond, also known as Embden Lake, reflect the scenic hills and mountains of the Kennebec Valley of west-central Maine. The scenery alone will attract you, but the endless recreational opportunities ...
Silver Lake
(Maine, USA)
396 Silver Lake Message Forums Also known as: Mattakeunk Pond
Silver Lake, also known as Mattakeunk Pond, is an irregularly-shaped body of water covering 530 acres in Penobscot County, Maine. Silver Lake's sparkling spring-fed waters in the Maine Highlands offer a four-season recreational wonderland. Swimming, sailing, boating and sunbathing are the most popular ...
Spednic Lake
(New Brunswick, Canada / Maine, USA)
380 Spednic Lake Message Forums A lone canoe glides through the water of Spednic Lake with only a pair of loons for company. Unknowingly dancing between two countries, the canoeist scans the horizon looking for any sign of human inhabitants and finds little. Spednic Lake is an unspoiled "near-wilderness" with some of the most beautiful ...
Kezar Lake
(Maine, USA)
377 Kezar Lake Pictures Kezar Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Kezar
Kezar Lake is set in wondrous scenery with the eastern shores facing New Hampshire's White Mountains Presidential Range. Crystal clear Kezar Lake is also one of the cleanest lakes in the State of Maine. The lake slices through the village of Lovell in the Mountains and Lakes region of western Maine, ...
Thompson Lake
(Maine, USA)
325 Thompson Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Thompson
Just a one-hour drive northwest of Portland's coastline, Thompson Lake lies in the Lakes & Mountains tourism region of southern Maine. Located at the intersection of Oxford, Androscoggin and Cumberland counties, Thompson Lake will lure you in with its charming communities and diverse countryside. Be ...
Sebec Lake
(Maine, USA)
323 Sebec Lake Pictures Sebec Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Sebec
Located in central Maine's Piscataquis River Valley, Sebec Lake is surrounded by a land of recreational opportunity. Whether you come to relax in New England's rural countryside or accept the challenge of the Appalachian Trail, Sebec Lake has it all. Boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, canoeing, scenic ...
Tripp Pond
(Maine, USA)
306 Tripp Pond Pictures Tripp Pond Message Forums Also known as: Tripp Lake
Well-loved Tripp Pond, sometimes called Tripp Lake, holds a prominent place in the recreation plans around Poland, Maine. Located in the Lakes and Mountains region of western Maine, the area holds some of the most exclusive and expensive traditional children's summer camps in the United States. Only ...
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