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Here are the 58 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Maine - compared by Largest Lakes - Acres.

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Lake Name Area in acres Lake Description
Moosehead Lake
(Maine, USA)
75,471 Moosehead Lake Pictures Moosehead Lake, nestled in the Longfellow Mountains in the Maine Highlands Region, is the largest lake in Maine. It has an elevation of 1,023 feet, boasts nearly 300 miles of shoreline, covers an impressive 120 square miles (about 75,000 acres) and stretches 40 miles long by 10 miles wide. Moosehead ...
Sebago Lake
(Maine, USA)
29,992 Sebago Lake Pictures Sebago Lake Message Forums Sebago Lake is the deepest and second largest lake in Maine. It stretches 12 miles long, boasts a 98 mile shoreline, covers 45 square miles, reaches an impressive 316 feet at its deepest, and has an average depth of 107 feet. In fact, since its surface is only 270 above sea level, its deepest point ...
Belgrade Lakes
(Maine, USA)
20,311 Belgrade Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Long Pond, East Pond, Great Pond, Messalonskee Lake, McGrath Pond, North Pond, Salmon Lake
American writer E.B. White put the Belgrade Lakes Chain on the map with his piece "Once More to the Lake": "Summertime, oh, summertime, pattern of life indelible with fade-proof lake, the wood unshatterable, the pasture with the sweetfern and the juniper forever and ever, summer without end." This is ...
Spednic Lake
(New Brunswick, Canada / Maine, USA)
17,219 Spednic Lake Message Forums A lone canoe glides through the water of Spednic Lake with only a pair of loons for company. Unknowingly dancing between two countries, the canoeist scans the horizon looking for any sign of human inhabitants and finds little. Spednic Lake is an unspoiled "near-wilderness" with some of the most beautiful ...
Mooselookmeguntic Lake
(Maine, USA)
16,300 Mooselookmeguntic Lake Pictures Also known as: Rangeley Lakes
Mooselookmeguntic Lake is part of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine, straddling the borders of Franklin and Oxford Counties. The lake is part of the Androscoggin River watershed and drains into Upper Richardson Lake, which is separated from Mooselookmeguntic Lake by the Upper Dam. Prior ...
East Grand Lake
(Maine, USA)
16,070 East Grand Lake Pictures East Grand Lake is a part of the Maine's Chiputneticook chain of lakes, along with North, Palfrey and Spednic Lakes. Lengthwise, it is cut nearly precisely in half by the border shared by the U.S. and the New Brunswick province of Canada. The lake is 22 miles long and four miles wide, covering an impressive ...
West Grand Lake
(Maine, USA)
14,467 West Grand Lake Message Forums The wooden broad-beamed canoe, carrying a guide and fishermen, glides across the water of West Grand Lake, Maine, leaving a small trail in its wake. At first glance it looks like a regular canoe - a "two ender". As the boat turns, however, it is obviously something different. The stern is squared ...
Brassua Lake
(Maine, USA)
8,979 Brassua Lake Pictures Brassua Lake Message Forums Also known as: Little Brassua Lake-historic
Sprawling across almost 9,000 acres of the Maine Highlands Region, Brassua Lake is actually little known. The large reservoir was created in 1925 when a dam was built across the outlet on the lower Moose River to generate hydroelectric power. The dam raised water levels nearly 30 feet and caused two ...
Millinocket Lake
(Maine, USA)
8,571 Millinocket Lake Pictures Millinocket Lake Message Forums Nestled within the Maine Highlands tourism region, Millinocket Lake is known for its stunning views of Mount Katahdin, the tallest mountain peak in Maine. Millinocket Lake is a freshwater reservoir used for drinking water, flood control, hydroelectric power and recreation. It also provides a natural ...
Great Pond
(Maine, USA)
8,239 Also known as: Belgrade Lakes
Great Pond, in Maine's Kennebec and Moose River Valleys Region, is the largest of seven lakes in the Belgrade Lakes Chain. These seven lakes are part of the Kennebec River Watershed. Great Pond was formed by the construction of the Great Pond Storage Dam on Belgrade Stream in 1886. The dam was built ...
Umbagog Lake
(Maine, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
7,850 Umbagog Lake Pictures Also known as: Rangeley Lakes
Umbagog Lake straddles about 11 miles of the Maine-New Hampshire border. This 7,850-acre lake lies partly in the Rangeley Lakes region of western Maine and partly in the Great North Woods region of northern New Hampshire. Umbagog, pronounced um-BAY-gog, is said to derive from the Abenaki (Native ...
Schoodic Lake
(Maine, USA)
7,021 Schoodic Lake Pictures Schoodic Lake Message Forums One of the large lakes in the Maine Highlands region, Schoodic Lake has managed to stay off the recreation radar of many Maine vacationers. Only an hour and a half from Bangor, limited public access appears to be the main reason that the lake receives few visitors. Two boat ramps provide the only means ...
Rangeley Lakes
(Maine, USA)
6,872 Rangeley Lakes Pictures Rangeley Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Umbagog Lake, Aziscohos Lake, Mooselookmeguntic Lake,Rangeley Lake, Upper Richardson Lake, Lower Richardson Lake, Cupsuptic Lake, Aziscoos Lake (historic), Sawyer Lake (historic)
Nothing represents the outdoor largesse of Maine's Lakes and Mountains region better than the six pristine Rangeley Lakes. These natural lakes sprawl beneath famed 4,120-foot Saddleback Mountain along the Androscoggin River drainage. Several dams, built between 1850 and 1920, have enlarged and stabilized ...
Sebec Lake
(Maine, USA)
6,803 Sebec Lake Pictures Sebec Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Sebec
Located in central Maine's Piscataquis River Valley, Sebec Lake is surrounded by a land of recreational opportunity. Whether you come to relax in New England's rural countryside or accept the challenge of the Appalachian Trail, Sebec Lake has it all. Boating, fishing, hiking, hunting, canoeing, scenic ...
Rangeley Lake
(Maine, USA)
6,000 Rangeley Lake Pictures Rangeley Lake is part of the Rangeley Lakes Region of Western Maine. The lake covers about 6,000 acres at an elevation of 1,518 feet. Its maximum depth is about 149 feet with an average depth of about 95 feet. Rangeley Lake is a major headwater lake of the Androscoggin watershed. Rangeley Lake ...
Fish River Chain of Lakes
(Maine, USA)
5,601 Fish River Chain of Lakes Pictures Fish River Chain of Lakes Message Forums Also known as: Portage Lake, Fish River Lake, Saint Froid Lake, Eagle Lake, Cross lake, Mud Lake, Square Lake, Long Lake
For big-lake fishing, Aroostook County's Fish River Chain of Lakes is the destination of choice. Home of Maine's best landlocked salmon fishery, the lakes are somewhat remote, located near the border of New Brunswick, Canada. The eight natural lakes are undammed, making this ideal trout and salmon breeding ...
Cobbossee Lake
(Maine, USA)
5,543 Cobbossee Lake Pictures Cobbossee Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Cobbosee, Cobbosseecontee Lake
Cobbossee Lake is a treasured family vacation destination with over 62 miles of shoreline, dotted with many islands, and valued as one of the best lakes in Maine. The lake is located in Kenebec County in the Town of Manchester with Winthrop, Maine nearby. Its 1600s original name of Lake Cobbosseecontee ...
Long Lake
(Maine, USA)
4,867 Long Lake Pictures Long Lake is part of the Sebago Lake Region, which includes nearby Panther Pond, Little Sebago, Thompson Lake, Coffee Pond, Brandy Pond, Moose Pond, Pleasant Lake, and Crescent Lake. The lake stretches approximately 11 miles among Naples, Maine and Harrison, Maine. The lake is 1 mile wide at some ...
Thompson Lake
(Maine, USA)
4,426 Thompson Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Thompson
Just a one-hour drive northwest of Portland's coastline, Thompson Lake lies in the Lakes & Mountains tourism region of southern Maine. Located at the intersection of Oxford, Androscoggin and Cumberland counties, Thompson Lake will lure you in with its charming communities and diverse countryside. Be ...
Damariscotta Lake
(Maine, USA)
4,381 Damariscotta Lake Pictures Damariscotta Lake Message Forums Damariscotta Lake is a sprawling lake in Lincoln County, Maine. This freshwater lake covers 4,381 acres in surface area and is a mere 51 feet above sea level. Formed more than 10,000 years ago during the last Ice Age, this glacial lake has one of the most convoluted shorelines of all of Maine's many ...
Sebasticook Lake
(Maine, USA)
4,288 Sebasticook Lake Pictures Sebasticook Lake Message Forums The fertile waters of Sebasticook Lake have drawn people to its shores since prehistoric times. This Maine Highlands lake is the site of one of the oldest dated fishing weirs, a series of stakes used by ancient fishermen to herd fish into a cluster for easy capture. The stakes, discovered in 1992, are ...
China Lake
(Maine, USA)
3,937 China Lake Pictures China Lake Message Forums China Lake is less than 20 miles northwest of Augusta, Maine's state capital. This natural freshwater glacial lake rests in Kennebec County in southwest Maine, in the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys geographic region. China Lake is an irregularly shaped body of water, with two true basins: the West ...
Androscoggin Lake
(Maine, USA)
3,826 Androscoggin Lake Pictures Androscoggin Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Androscoggin
Androscoggin Lake is a freshwater glacial lake of very irregular shape that falls into two geographic regions of Central Maine: the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys region and the Lakes and Mountains region. In the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys area, Androscoggin Lake is located in the increasingly ...
Great Moose Lake
(Maine, USA)
3,584 Great Moose Lake Pictures Also known as: Moose Pond
Vacations are a time to sleep in. She knows that. She just can't help herself. Mornings are so beautiful at Great Moose Lake she has been waking up early to watch the sunrise. She takes her coffee to the deck of the house where they are staying and watches the sun greet the day. A bald eagle soars ...
Messalonskee Lake
(Maine, USA)
3,510 Also known as: Snow Pond, Nine Mile Pond
The last lake in the Belgrade Lakes chain of lakes is 3691-acre Messalonskee Lake. Located in the Kennebec and Moose River Valleys Region, Messalonskee Lake was originally called Snow Pond after one of the first Europeans to settle there. Because the lake lies along Messalonskee Stream, the name was ...
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