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Maltschacher See, Carinthia, Austria

Also known as: Maltschachersee, Maltschacher Lake, Lake Maltschacher, Lake Maltschach

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Map: Maltschacher See, Carinthia, Austria

Maltschacher See (See=Lake) is a lovely 32-acre (.129 square kilometers) resort lake tucked in the green rolling hills of Carinthia (Karnten), Austria's southern province. Noted for its scenic lakes and towering mountains, Carinthia offers a wide selection of holiday destinations. Travelers searching for a quiet, less crowded retreat should look four miles (6 kilometers) southeast of the community of Feldkirchen near the center of Carinthia. A flourishing small resort known for its family-friendly amenities sits along the banks of Lake Maltschacher. Tucked away from the region's larger lakes, this holiday destination is built for family fun and relaxation.

Surrounded by forests and fields, Maltschacher See is a glacial lake with a maximum depth of 22 feet (6.7 meters) and an average depth of 14 feet (4.2 meters). The crystal clear water can reach summertime temperatures of 81 degrees F (27 degrees C), making Lake Maltschach an excellent choice among the region's larger, busier lakes. The northern and western shoreline displays a peaceful pastoral scene typical of the region's agricultural roots. The rest of the one-mile shoreline has been developed for resort living and recreational activities. A large "car-free" all-inclusive holiday resort is the center attraction. Around the resort visitors will find a delightful selection of self-catering apartments, self-catering holiday homes, cottages and chalets near the shores of Maltschacher Lake. Those interested in locating a more permanent residence may find real estate properties in the villages and towns surrounding Maltschachersee.

Lakeside vacation rentals cater to holiday visitors, and many share amenities and lake access with the resort. One dip into Maltschacher's warm clear water and you will quickly discover why swimmers love to holiday at this lake. Sun bathing on beautiful sandy beaches adds to the "tropical" atmosphere. Sailboats and rowboats are available for hire if you want to skim along the shores and enjoy the scenery. Off the water, visitors can enjoy beach volleyball, cycling, table tennis, bowling, miniature golf, tennis and children's playland. When it's time to get out of the sun, an indoor pool, sauna and kids' pool are open.

Fishing is another popular pastime on Lake Maltschach. Here anglers can spend their day enjoying the scenery, relaxing in the peace of the countryside, and quietly trolling the waters. Perch and silver bream are the main species, but Maltschachersee has also been heavily stocked with carp and zander. Pike, wels, eel, chub, amur (grass carp), bitterline, white bream, laube, roach and sunfish add to the lineup. Dock fishing is found in developed areas where rowboats are also available for hire. Purchase a fishing permit at the resort or nearby village and experience lake fishing at its best.

Those who prefer a brisk walk in the country air will appreciate the hiking paths near Maltschacher Lake and surrounding hillsides. Over 31 miles (50 kilometers) of hiking paths and 19 miles (30 kilometers) of Nordic walking paths take hikers into the forests and along the green fields of Feldkirchen, the administrative municipality for Maltschachersee and surrounding communities.

Hikers will particularly enjoy climbing the Carinthian Nockbergs, part of the Gurktal Alps found in Nockberge National Park. The park lies approximately 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Maltschachersee and can be seen from the lakeshore. The park's 71 square miles (184.3 square kilometers) include numerous trails built for short hikes or extended mountain treks. Unlike Carinthia's rugged alpine mountains, the Nockbergs have gently rounded peaks with summits of grasslands and alpine meadows. Choose to walk the summits, moors, heath or forests and observe the diversity in park wildlife. The beech marten, brown bear, chamois, lynx, marmot, and mountain sheep are among the animals wandering the slopes. Birdwatchers will hope for a glimpse of alpine clough, black redstart, boreal owl, crossbill, dotterel or Eurasian nutcracker. For extended hikes and stays, visitors will enjoy renting space in the self-catering huts found within the park.

Maltschacher is centrally located to a variety of touring opportunities. The tropical blue water of Lake Faaker, Gerlitzen Mountain rising above Lake Ossiach, and the capital of Carinthia at Lake Worthersee all are within approximately 12 miles (20 kilometers) of Maltschachersee. During the summer these lakes are lined with holiday travelers enjoying boating, swimming and fishing. When the snow starts falling, recreation turns to surrounding mountain slopes where visitors enjoy access to ski lifts, ski runs and snow parks offering snowboarding, cross-country skiing and winter walking paths.

Maltschachersee is also centrally located to the communities of Feldkirchen, Klagenfurt and Villach. Feldkirchen is an appealing little community of approximately 14,000 residents; Klagenfurt is the capital of Carinthia with a population exceeding 90,000; and Villach is the second largest city in Carinthia with a population of approximately 58,000. Together these communities offer intriguing historical attractions, fascinating excursions, a multitude of shops, and restaurants to satisfy any taste. If visitors need more temptation, Lake Maltschacher is only 28 miles (45 kilometers) from the three-border area of Austria, Italy and Slovenia.

When you are looking for a holiday away from the crowds of Carinthia's larger lakes, Maltschachersee offers family-friendly accommodations with beautiful country scenes and lakeside recreation. Central to the cities, lakes and mountains of Carinthia, Lake Maltschach is the perfect jumping-off point for intriguing destinations all within easy driving distance. Whatever your plans, your holiday should begin at Maltschacher See.

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