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Maple Lake, MN, Minnesota, USA

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Map: Maple Lake, MN, Minnesota, USA

The peaceful body of water known as Maple Lake is tucked into Minnesota's Metro tourism region, about 45 miles northwest of Minneapolis. The lake is situated within the St. Croix Moraine, a mass of rocks that was transported and deposited by the Wisconsin Age Glacier. Maple Lake features 777 sparkling acres, 8 shoreline miles, and an average depth of 19 feet.

Maple Lake is a part of Wright County, established in 1855 and named after a prominent New York politician. The area was once home to both Ojibwe and Dakota Native American settlements, which were replaced by European ones in the mid-1800s. Irish immigrants were the first to subsidize surroundings lands and sell tracts to newcomers.

Today, Maple Lake's amenities include a swimming beach, picnic tables, and both city and county public access points. It boasts a maximum depth of 76 feet, perfect for water sports such as boating, water skiing, wake boarding, and swimming. Real estate properties are readily available for those interested in buying a new or second home.

Anglers enjoy trolling Maple Lake for a variety of fish, particularly the steady populations of northern pike that average 20 inches in length and two pounds in weight. Walleye fingerlings are stocked regularly. Yellow perch, bluegill sunfish, and black crappie are also prevalent. Largemouth bass are present but not common.

Just northwest of Maple Lake you'll find the city of Annandale, which is known for three things: lakes, parks and golf courses. The area is considered "the heart of lakes" because of the 26 bodies of water that surround it. Annandale is encircled by three impressive golf courses and country clubs. Clearwater/Pleasant Regional Park has a swimming beach, picnic area, restroom and volleyball court. Schroeder Park boasts a large overnight campground with electric hookups, a fishing pier and a boat launch. Fairhaven Mill Historic Wayside Park and Annandale Municipal Park are also perfect places for family outings. Bowling and tennis facilities can also be enjoyed nearby.

The Stanly Eddy Memorial Park Reserve is located just a short distance from Maple Lake, and features an impressive 879 acres of protected lands. Its marshes are perfect for canoeing, and its four miles of hiking trails beg for day walks and picnics; these trails convert to cross country ski trails during the winter. Horseback riding and mountain bike trails are other amenities. Trailblazers should note that pathways are closed after heavy rains due to slippery terrain.

Northeast of Maple Lake lies Lake Maria State Park, a scenic 1,590-acre land blanketed by basswood and maple trees. The preserve comprises one of the last remnants of a woodland that French explorers dubbed "Bios Grand," or "Big Woods" - which was once so incredibly forested that not a ray of sunlight could get through the abundant canopy. Hiking, backpacking and horseback riding are its primary activities, and cross country skiing is also popular during the winter. Wildlife watchers should keep their eyes peeled for birdlife like nesting ospreys and eagles, as well as egrets, swans, loons and owls. Mammals and reptiles include shrews, muskrats, white-tailed deer and the endangered Blandings turtle.

Buffalo Lake can be found just southeast of Maple Lake. It features a surface area of 1,552 acres that is brimming with walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and largemouth bass. Clearwater Lake can also be found nearby, which connects to Augusta, Grass, Caroline and Otter Lakes. It is composed of 3,196 acres and home to the same species of fish as its neighbors.

No matter if hobbies are recreational sports, mountain biking or simply relaxing with a book underneath a shady cedar tree at lakeside vacation rentals, Maple Lake offers something for everyone. The area offers the perfect balance of activity and relaxation - after a long day of fishing or water skiing, rest assured that your cabin's cozy fire will take away any inklings of tension or stress.

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Maple Lake, MN


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