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Here are the 8 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Massachusetts - compared by Longest Shorelines.

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Lake Name Shoreline length in miles Lake Description
Quabbin Reservoir
(Massachusetts, USA)
118 Quabbin Reservoir Pictures Quabbin Reservoir Message Forums One of the country's largest man-made public water supplies, Quabbin Reservoir dominates the landscape in Western Massachusetts. Supplying much of the drinking water to the greater Boston area, the reservoir is heavily protected by its surroundings with the aim of providing pure water to Massachusetts ...
Webster Lake
(Massachusetts, USA)
17 Webster Lake Pictures Webster Lake Message Forums Also known as: Lake Chaubunagungamaug
Webster Lake spans 1,442-acres in southern Massachusetts near the Connecticut border. This clear, spring-fed lake is one of the largest natural lakes in the state. Although Webster Lake is natural, it has a dam owned by Cranston Print Works, which raised the level of the lake by a few feet. The lake ...
Lake Cochituate
(Massachusetts, USA)
12 Lake Cochituate Pictures Lake Cochituate Message Forums Also known as: Cochituate Reservoir
Lake Cochituate in the Greater Boston region of Massachusetts is a popular recreational lake just a short distance from the city. The lake, less than 20 miles from Boston Harbor, is made up of three connected ponds that for nearly 100 years provided water to the city. Now retired to recreational lake ...
Lake Cochichewick
(Massachusetts, USA)
7 Lake Cochichewick Pictures Lake Cochichewick Message Forums Also known as: The Great Pond
One of the earliest of Massachusetts' iconic Great Ponds, beautiful Lake Cochichewick anchors the Town of North Andover to both its past and its future. Originally named the Great Pond, the waters served as a focal point for the 1634-chartered Cochiechewick Plantation. The name is an adaptation of the ...
Great Herring Pond
(Massachusetts, USA)
5 Great Herring Pond Message Forums Nestled just minutes from Massachusetts' southeastern coastline, Great Herring Pond is a cozy body of water with a surface area of 376 acres. Most of the lake is located in the Town of Plymouth (Plymouth County), with the southern tip extending into Bourne (Barnstable County). It was previously known ...
Long Pond
(Massachusetts, USA)
3 Long Pond Pictures Long Pond Message Forums A large dose of nature's best medicine awaits visitors to Long Pond in Massachusetts' southeastern region. Located only a few miles west of Plymouth Bay, 211-acre Long Pond is a picture of solitude, wooded shoreline and pristine sand beaches. Much of the shoreline is private, although only about 50 ...
Walden Pond
(Massachusetts, USA)
2 Walden Pond Pictures Walden Pond Message Forums Part of the American psyche for over 150 years, Walden Pond belongs to us all. This 61-acre 'pothole lake' just outside of Concord, MA was the home of Henry David Thoreau when he began his writing career. Thoreau never owned the pond; it belonged to his good friend, Ralph Waldo Emerson. After visiting ...
Crystal Lake
(Massachusetts, USA)
1 Crystal Lake Pictures Crystal Lake Message Forums Also known as: Wiswall Pond, Silver Lake, Baptist Pond
Crystal Lake has a long history of being the 'town lake' in Newton, Massachusetts. Located in the Greater Boston area, this small natural lake is one of New England's Great Ponds and thus under court degree, considered government property for the use of the public. This wasn't always so: for over two ...


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