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Here are the 8 lakes we have listed within USA > New England > Massachusetts - compared by Largest Lakes - Water Volume.

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Lake Name Volume in acre-feet Lake Description
Quabbin Reservoir
(Massachusetts, USA)
1,264,380 Quabbin Reservoir Pictures Quabbin Reservoir Message Forums One of the country's largest man-made public water supplies, Quabbin Reservoir dominates the landscape in Western Massachusetts. Supplying much of the drinking water to the greater Boston area, the reservoir is heavily protected by its surroundings with the aim of providing pure water to Massachusetts ...
Lake Quinsigamond
(Massachusetts, USA)
52,327 Lake Quinsigamond Pictures Worcester, Massachusetts is well known for many things: John Adams taught school here before becoming the second President of the United States. Songwriter Cole Porter attended Worcester Academy. Before English settlers named the town after its counterpart in Worcester, England, Native Americans called ...
Colebrook River Lake
(Connecticut, USA / Massachusetts, USA)
43,778 Also known as: Colebrook River Reservoir
With over 800 acres of boating and fishing waters, with no residential development, Colebrook River Lake - straddling the Connecticut and Massachusetts state line - is an ideal leisure-time destination. Colebrook River Lake provides many excellent recreational boating and fishing opportunities, including ...
Otis Reservoir
(Massachusetts, USA)
17,188 Otis Reservoir Pictures Otis Reservoir Message Forums Also known as: Otis Lake
She sits by herself on the dock at Otis Reservoir; the coffee steaming in her mug mirrors the mist coming off the water of the lake. Her husband left at dawn in search of his own trophy largemouth bass. It will be hours before her children are awake, swimming and riding jet skis across the waters of ...
Lake Cochichewick
(Massachusetts, USA)
13,196 Lake Cochichewick Pictures Lake Cochichewick Message Forums Also known as: The Great Pond
One of the earliest of Massachusetts' iconic Great Ponds, beautiful Lake Cochichewick anchors the Town of North Andover to both its past and its future. Originally named the Great Pond, the waters served as a focal point for the 1634-chartered Cochiechewick Plantation. The name is an adaptation of the ...
Lake Monomonac
(Massachusetts, USA / New Hampshire, USA)
12,844 Lake Monomonac Message Forums The wind fills the sails, pushing the sailboats across Lake Monomonac. A bewitching combination of pristine white sail cloth and billowing bright colors glide like flocks of birds over the 711-acre lake. Lake Monomonac covers part of the Monadnok region in New Hampshire and the Central region of Massachusetts, ...
Ashmere Lake
(Massachusetts, USA)
2,076 Ashmere Lake Pictures Ashmere Lake Message Forums Ashmere Lake is a small, quiet lake tucked away in western Massachusetts. The 217-acre lake is surrounded by beautiful rural countryside in the towns of Hinsdale and Peru. Ashmere Lake offers easy accessibility to all of the Berkshires' attractions, making it the perfect home base for a Berkshire ...
Crystal Lake
(Massachusetts, USA)
436 Crystal Lake Pictures Crystal Lake Message Forums Also known as: Wiswall Pond, Silver Lake, Baptist Pond
Crystal Lake has a long history of being the 'town lake' in Newton, Massachusetts. Located in the Greater Boston area, this small natural lake is one of New England's Great Ponds and thus under court degree, considered government property for the use of the public. This wasn't always so: for over two ...


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