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Here are the 86 lakes we have listed within USA > Midwest > Michigan - compared by Deepest Lakes.

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Lake Name Maximum depth in feet Lake Description
Lake Superior
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Michigan, USA / Minnesota, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
1,332 Lake Superior Pictures Skipping over state and country borders, Lake Superior, the largest, deepest, coldest, cleanest, least developed, and most pristine of the Great Lakes, reigns as the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area. By volume, this 31,820 square mile colossus ranks fourth - a whopping 2,900 cubic ...
Lake Michigan
(Great Lakes / Illinois, USA / Indiana, USA / Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
923 Lake Michigan Pictures As the only Great Lake nestled completely within the boundaries of the United States, Lake Michigan is the pride and joy of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The lake boasts a huge area of 22,400 square miles, making it the largest freshwater lake (by surface area) in the world to be contained ...
Lake Michigan-Huron
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Illinois, USA / Indiana, USA / Michigan, USA / Wisconsin, USA)
923 Lake Michigan-Huron Pictures Lake Michigan and Lake Huron - two of North America's Great Lakes - are contiguous and they share the same elevation of 577 feet above sea level. They are connected by the five-mile-wide Straits of Mackinac. Hydrologically, this makes these "two lakes" a single lake. Some hydrologists designate the ...
Lake Huron
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / Michigan, USA)
750 Lake Huron Pictures A glacial lake of epic proportions, Lake Huron is the second largest of the five Great Lakes by surface area, boasting 23,010 square miles and an incredible 3,825-mile shoreline. The massive lake is the third largest of the Great Lakes by water volume, containing 850 cubic miles of fresh water within ...
Torch Lake
(Michigan, USA)
302 Torch Lake Pictures Torch Lake Message Forums Torch Lake holds the dual distinction as Michigan's longest inland lake (18 miles) and its second largest inland lake (18,770 acres). The lake's unparalleled beauty is often attributed to its unique turquoise color. Torch Lake's name is translated from its Ojibwa name, Was-Wah-gonink, or "Lake of the ...
Lake Erie
(Ontario, Canada / Great Lakes / New York, USA / Pennsylvania, USA / Michigan, USA / Ohio, USA)
210 Lake Erie Pictures Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes of North America, straddles the borders of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, and the Canadian province of Ontario. The lake is named after the Native American tribe that inhabited its shores before being killed off by the Iroquois League for aiding their enemy, ...
Elk Lake
(Michigan, USA)
192 Elk Lake Pictures A visit to Elk Lake is a fisherman's dream come true. The huge lake is nearly 200 ft deep in some areas and is actually deep enough to offer lake trout fishing winter and summer. Further, it's affordable and versatile enough to keep the entire crew happy. Elk Lake is the tail-end of the 14 lakes and ...
Crystal Lake
(Michigan, USA)
175 Crystal Lake Pictures Also known as: Cap Lake
Crystal Lake, in northwestern Michigan's Benzie County, wouldn't be the beautiful sandy-shored lake it is today without the "Tragedy of Crystal Lake". Originally called Cap Lake, the area was settled by loggers working the area. The lake lies in a depression less than a mile from the shore of Lake Michigan. ...
Mullett Lake
(Michigan, USA)
145 Mullett Lake Pictures Mullett Lake is Michigan's fifth largest lake, covering 17,360 acres with 28 shoreline miles. Sitting at the center of Michigan's Inland Waterway, Mullett Lake allows boats to navigate the connecting rivers and lakes for approximately 38 miles. Mullett Lake was discovered during a federal survey of ...
Higgins Lake
(Michigan, USA)
141 Higgins Lake Pictures With depths that average 52 feet and range as deep as 141 feet, the azure waters of Higgins Lake assure a remarkable transparency. Such crystalline waters, formed during the retreat of glacial ice, have made the lake a prime environment for snorkelers looking to maximize their underwater experience; ...
Big Glen Lake
(Michigan, USA)
130 Big Glen Lake Pictures Big Glen Lake Message Forums Looking down on the surprisingly blue water and sandy shores of Big Glen Lake, she can see why it is called Inspiration Point. The view across the lake and dunes is certainly inspiring, and with her whole vacation stretching in front of her - like the expanse of Lake Michigan's waters at her back - ...
Cass Lake
(Michigan, USA)
123 Cass Lake Pictures Michigan is fortunate to have many fishing and water sport destination options. Cass Lake, just a 30-mile ride from Detroit, is a popular freshwater lake destination in southeastern Michigan. Located in affluent Oakland County, Cass Lake is bordered by Waterford Township, West Bloomfield Township, ...
Lake Charlevoix
(Michigan, USA)
122 Lake Charlevoix Pictures Also known as: Pine Lake
Lake Charlevoix is one of the most famous of northern Michigan lakes primarily because of its popularity among boaters of all types. Originally called Pine Lake, it was renamed Lake Charlevoix in 1926 after the French explorer Pierre Francois-Xavier de Charlevoix. Although nearby Beaver Island was settled ...
Lake Leelanau
(Michigan, USA)
121 Lake Leelanau Pictures Also known as: Carp Lake
Michigan is a bounty of natural resources - a place where every town is less than two hours from a body of water. Among these bodies of water, Lake Leelanau (pronounced LEE-lan-awe) stands out not only because of its Narrows, which separate the North Lake from the South Lake, but also because of its ...
Chicagon Lake
(Michigan, USA)
115 Chicagon Lake Pictures Chicagon Lake Message Forums Also known as: Chicaugon Lake
Chicagon Lake lies in Michigan's western Upper Peninsula only a few miles from the Wisconsin state line. The 1000-acre natural lake isn't well-known except for the generations of lakelubbers who have returned here year after year. That's probably the reason why much of the lakeshore still remains wooded ...
Gull Lake
(Michigan, USA)
110 Gull Lake Pictures Gull Lake is a picturesque 2,030-acre natural lake in southwestern Michigan. The lake most likely got its name from the large number of seagulls that occasionally fly inland from Lake Michigan. Gull Lake is conveniently located just 11 miles from Kalamazoo, home of Western Michigan University, and 13 ...
Orchard Lake
(Michigan, USA)
110 Orchard Lake is a 788-acre natural lake in southeastern Michigan, just three miles from the city of Pontiac and 25 miles from Detroit. This residential and recreational lake is rich in history and beauty. Orchard Lake is a "kettle lake," formed by melting blocks of ice left behind in a deep depression ...
Walnut Lake
(Michigan, USA)
101 Walnut Lake Pictures Walnut Lake Message Forums Also known as: Black Walnut Lake
Walnut Lake is a suburban secret. Sometimes, the best lakes are found in the most unexpected places. Walnut Lake, in the Southeast Region of Michigan is one of them. Located in busy Oakland County just outside of Pontiac, private Walnut Lake is surrounded by fine homes. Nearly enclosed by upscale Herndon's ...
Walloon Lake
(Michigan, USA)
100 Walloon Lake Pictures Walloon Lake - Hemingway's Michigan. Ernest Hemingway was born here, spent 22 youthful summers here and came back to the lake for his honeymoon. The Hemingway family still owns the family cottage. That's the kind of place Walloon Lake is, a family place, a summer place for the generations. The Hemingways ...
Silver Lake
(Michigan, USA)
96 Silver Lake Message Forums Pushing her kayak out into the water of Silver Lake, she glides through the early morning mist rising off the surface of the water. With steady, strong strokes she heads toward one of the six islands that dot the northwest Michigan lake. Over eight acres of islands and almost ten miles of irregular ...
Lake Bellaire
(Michigan, USA)
95 Lake Bellaire Pictures Lake Bellaire Message Forums Also known as: Grass Lake
Michigan has a bounty of beautiful lakes, and those found in Antrim County are no exception. Lake Bellaire is situated to the east of Lake Michigan; this 1,793-acre all-sports lake provides plenty of opportunity for swimming, boating, kayaking, waterskiing, windsurfing, sailing, and fishing. Surrounding ...
Coldwater Lake
(Michigan, USA)
93 Coldwater Lake Pictures Coldwater Lake Message Forums Coldwater Lake, in quiet Southwest Michigan, is the epitome of the traditional Michigan lake vacation destination. Nestled just north of the Indiana state line in Branch County, Coldwater Lake forms the foundation of a 16-mile-long chain of glacier-created lakes trailing northward along the Coldwater ...
Paw Paw Lake
(Michigan, USA)
91 Paw Paw Lake Message Forums Paw Paw Lake. Just the name invokes lazy, hot summer days in a secluded country setting. Situated in Southwest Michigan, 891-acre Paw Paw Lake is a country-like setting but not at all secluded. Chicago is only two hours away, and Benton Harbor is considered a 'trip to town' at a little over ten miles. ...
Hubbard Lake
(Michigan, USA)
85 Hubbard Lake Message Forums Also known as: Bottomless Lake, Alcona Lake, Coral Lake
Summer in Michigan's Northeast region is synonymous with a place like Hubbard Lake. Less than 20 miles inland from Lake Huron's 'sunrise coast', Hubbard Lake has hosted many summer residents over the past 150 years. The large, natural lake of 8,850 acres was obtained via treaty with the Ojibwa, Ottawa ...
Cedar Lake
(Michigan, USA)
84 Cedar Lake Message Forums Also known as: Big Cedar Lake, Little Cedar Lake
Surrounded by south west Michigan's Grape Country, Cedar Lake is a year round recreation destination. Spring and summer bring fishing, boating and swimming. During fall the leaves put on a show of ambers, golds and reds. Ice huts pop up on the lake in the winter, and ice fishing starts in earnest. ...
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